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Grooming Your Mastiff

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Tags: Mastiff, Grooming

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The Mastiff is a dog that not only has to be fed properly, and taken for daily walks, but it also has to be groomed well. As a Mastiff owner, you have to follow a daily grooming regime for proper upbringing of the Mastiff. The typical grooming regime includes cleaning of the Mastiff's eyes and ears, clipping of claws, brushing its coat and a periodical bath. Though all these need not be done everyday, it is preferable that brushing and ear-checking be done on a daily basis.

As Mastiffs are dogs that love being brushed, you won't actually have a tough time brushing and cleaning their ears. One thing to remember is that you should not force your Mastiff with anything, lest it gets scared and make it more difficult for you to get any cleaning done. Don't rush things. If your mastiff is reluctant, you can try giving it a treat or playing with it while grooming it. You should get your dog used to it by establishing a grooming regime from puppy age onwards.

It is important to brush your Mastiff everyday to prevent dead hair, dust and dandruff from developing in the coat, as these will lead to skin problems. You can brush your Mastiff either using a dog glove meant for short haired dogs or use your wet hands. Dip your hands in the water and handbrush your Mastiff from back to front against the direction of the hair. Then remove the lose hair by hand, brushing the opposite way.

The claws of the Mastiff have to be clipped at least once a week, on a specific day and time. It is advisable that you do not use an ordinary pair of scissors for clipping a Mastiff's claws; you have to use a specially designed clipper which you can get from pet shops or the vet. Try to make your dog stand still, then grab and lift one of the legs. When clipping its claws, notice that the nerve at the back of the claw is shorter than the length of one claw. You have to cut the part of the claw that extends from the nerve. Be careful that you only clip its claws as cutting off more than required only leads to pain. Always remember to be careful, calm and persistent when clipping your Mastiff claws.

Mastiffs tend to get a lot of mess in their eyes. In fact, the more loose skin found on the head, the worse will be the eye condition. Though this is a morning problem, as dogs tend to sleep several hours in the day, it is important that you keep your Mastiff's eyes clean all the time.

It is important that you wash your Mastiff's ears as its 'ear-ventilation' is not good. Wax tends to stay moist for long; if not removed, it can lead to bad infections. Mites can also pose problems for your Mastiff and you need to consult a vet to treat them effectively. Remember that ear problems can prove very problematic for your Mastiff. It is not necessary to bathe your Mastiff regularly as this removes essential fat from the skin and it may have some negative effects on allergic dogs.

For bathing, you can use the different kinds of dog shampoos that are available at local dog-food shops. Just remember to bathe your Mastiff regularly to prevent it from smelling bad and to keep its coat free from dead hair and dandruff, so that it will be at the prime of health always.

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Grooming Your Mastiff
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