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Marwari Horse: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

Filed under Horses
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Tags: Marwari Horse, Weird Facts

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  • Today's Marwari horses descended from the magnificent war horses that served warriors of feudal India and the ruling families from the beginning and throughout India's history. Their status was without equal as they declared the Marwari horses superior, divine, and almighty, to everyone including men of Royal blood. Consequently, they allowed only the Kshatriyas-warrior class ad Rajput families to mount the exalted Marwari horses.

  • The unique characteristic of the Marwari horses are this breeds medium sized, curled ears that are unlike any other horses. Their ears curve inward, often touching at the tips and when pricked forward, form a perfect arch. Their ears can also rotate one hundred and eighty degrees.

  • They often train the Marwari horses in rural Rajasthan to dance at marriages and the many festivals that take place during the year. These showy, proud horses with a natural bearing and unique beauty are spectacular to watch.

  • The Marwari horse has emerged from the threat of extinction with the help of horse lovers and the existing Rajput families, after surviving castration and slaughter preceding independence.

  • One of the best-known tales of Marwari horse valor is the one about Chetak, the loyal steed of Maharana Pratap of Mewar. In 1546, the Maharana rode Chetak in the Haldi Ghat battle near Udaipur against the Mughals. Legend says that Chetak stood on his hind legs and drummed his hooves on the imperial commander's war elephant allowing the Maharana to kill the driver of the elephant, thus blunting their advance but the mogul troops rallied with the arrival of field reinforcements. Although the Marwari horse was severely wounded, the story goes that Chetak still carried his master to safety, even though his one hind leg was hacked off, before finally giving up his own life. The Maharana was grief stricken over the death of his horse and the sacrifice it made to save him and swore to always remember and honor this brave creature. The King built a splendid memorial some years later for his magnificent steed.

  • The Marwari horse is native to India's Marwar region. According to local folklore, a breeder of Marwari horses and head Priest of the Kalabar Monastery, Shri Mahant Baba Balak Dasji Maharaj says they can trace the Marwari breed back to a time when horses had wings and they extracted nectar for the Gods from a churned ocean. Considered a noble horse and a God on earth, Marwari horses are believed to be around since the world began.

  • Considered one of the worlds finest horse breeds today, the ancient Turkmenian-Arab mix lineage breed of horse, the magnificent Marwari evolved in the rough Marwar desert region.

  • One legend says that centuries ago a Rajput named Amar Singh was asked to pay a penalty by a Mogul minister for missing a court meeting. Instead, Singh attacked the minister cutting his throat and then attacked the builder of the Taj Mahal, an emperor named Shah Jehan. Cornered by soldiers on a seventy-foot high wall of the Agra Fort, Singh spurred his fearless Marwari horse over the wall. Soldiers caught up with Singh at his walled mansion but his brave horse died in the fall. Beside the fort today stands a statue of this brave Marwari horse.

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    Marwari Horse: Weird Facts/Did You Know?
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