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Spanish Mustang Weird Facts Did You Know?

Filed under Horses
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  • The Spanish Mustang, or as it is also known as the Spanish Colonial Horse, has tremendous historical value. These horses are the descendents of horses introduced from Spain during the age of the conquest of the Americas; they are a breed that has mostly been wiped out throughout the years. The Spanish Mustang is sometimes confused with the American Mustang but they differ in appearance and ancestry. They were brought to the new world by Christopher Columbus on his second voyage by order of the Throne. For each ship that was sent to the new world, it carried a selected breeding stock and then stud farms were set up in the Caribbean and Mexico. Horses that were placed on the breeding farm that operated in Sonara, Mexico by Padre Eusebio Kino, a Jesuit Priest, produced a stock that was placed with a group of Christianized Indians. The Apaches however, never took to the ways of Christianity so they attacked the breeding farms and took horses at will.

  • Over the years, the horses escaped, some lost or stolen began roaming the west, eventually their numbers grew into the hundreds and even thousands. They were closely similar to the horses that were maintained by the Indians, they sometimes were even the same horses. At the time many explorers were seeking adventure and conquest in the New World, the Spanish Mustang was considered the finest horse.

  • In the earlier part of the 20th century, the breed was on the brink of extinction; it was thanks to one man, Robert I. Brislawn from Oshoto, Wyoming; he was behind the establishment of the Spanish Mustang Registry Inc. in 1957.

  • Two full blood horses by the names of "Buckshot" and "Ute" were the foundation horses of the registry; they were sired by a Buckskin Horse named "Monty". In the beginning there was twenty horses under the registration, today there are 2,500 horses under the registration.

  • Chief Joseph, said to be one of the greatest military leaders in the United States, he was also a Native American tribe leader. His tribe used Appaloosas that they bred with spotted Spanish Mustangs. These horses didn't escape the attention of the United States government After the surrender of the Chief, they were ordered to be destroyed. They were destroyed by removing all the stallions and the mares were bred with other types of draft horse. Except the ones that are hidden in the herds of the Spanish Mustang, a lot of the modern day Appaloosa Horses resemble Chief Joseph's in color pattern.

  • When the first of the horses that were stolen or simply escaped, the new inhabitants of America didn't recognize these horses as Spanish Mustangs, as a result they were often referred to as Indian Ponies, Cayuse, and just regular Mustangs.

  • In the 1800s, the pure Spanish Mustangs were bred with English and Arabian stock to reap whatever benefits the breed may have; such breeds were Quarter Horse, Tennessee Walking Horse, Morgan, Palomino, and the Paint Horse.

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    Spanish Mustang Weird Facts Did You Know?
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