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New Breeds On The Market - Genetic Recreations

Topic: Doggie News

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Cardigan Welsh Corgi Blue Merle Male

This is Duncan - he is a beautiful and happy Cardigan Welsh Corgi Blue Merle Male with one blue eye. He is looking for a new family. Very sweet pers…


Fort Worth, TX

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

There are a number of breeds of dogs that are actually being reconstructed or redeveloped from existing dogs that exhibit the same traits as the now very rare or even almost virtually extinct breeds. In reality this is not a novel idea or even a new idea, the very popular Cavalier King Charles Spaniel was perhaps the first dog breed to have been recreated by request. There have also been dogs that have been almost eliminated through wars, through natural disasters and even through cross breeding with other dog breeds that are now coming back to the forefront of new breeds on the market.

It is important to keep in mind that all dogs originally were mixed breed and that it was only through selective breeding to enhance specific characteristics that individual breeds emerged. Since it is possible to breed for individual characteristics, it only makes sense that mixed breed dogs could be bred back to other purebreds and dogs with specific characteristics to redevelop a particular type of dog. In reality the re-created dog is not likely to have the exact same genetics and identical issues as the original breed, but they are virtually the same in appearance and temperament.

Mi- Ki

The Mi-Ki is a very rare toy breed of dog that is similar in appearance to the Papillion and the Maltese, however there may also be some Yorkshire Terrier and Japanese Chin. This dog is very similar in coat type to the Maltese with a longer, luxurious coat that can be dilute colors, parti-colors or even solid colors. Most Mi-Kis will be less than eight pounds when fully mature but are reported to be very active, playful and highly intelligent small sized dogs.

Mi-Kis have been registered in different countries and through different types of organizations and clubs. There is a Mi-Ki Club of America, Inc that is working towards having the dog breed promoted and recognized as a unique American dog breed. In the United Kingdom the International Mi-Ki Registry is working through DNA testing to have the United Kennel Club officially recognize the breed.

Chinese Crested Dog

The Chinese Crested dog is unusual in that there is both a hairless variety and a type of the same breed that has quite pronounced and beautiful hair. Both varieties can occur in the same litter and this is also very unusual among hairless dog types.

The Chinese Crested is also a bit of a mystery since there is no clear record of where the breed originated. Most researchers agree that they most certainly did not originate in China, nor are they closely related to the Chinese breeds. One theory is that they are a mutuation of one of the African dog breeds that was brought to Asia and then selective bred, while still others think that the breed was originally developed by crossing a Mexican Hairless with a Chihuahua.

New Guinea Singing Dog

The New Guinea Singing Dog is native to New Guinea but can now be found in very limited numbers in different parts of the world. They are a primitive type of dog that are considered to be similar to the wild dingos of Australia or the Canaan Dog of Israel. These dogs are not a good match for many owners as they are difficult to tame and manage in captivity. Typically many of the New Guinea Singing Dogs that are in captivity are kept in rather large yards and left more to themselves that incorporated as part of a family.

The New Guinea Singing Dog is considered an endangered species and there is considerable interest within conservation groups to preserve the breed. The dogs are so named because they make a unique modulated howling sound rather than a true bark. The United Kennel Club does recognize the breed as does the American Rare Breed Association.

Saarloos Wolfdog

Wolf dog hybrids have always been a popular concept for a certain dog loving and owning population of people. Unfortunately creating a hybrid between the wild wolf and the domestic dog has not always been a good match for a domestic type of environment. There have been several hybrid type breeds developed that incorporate the wolf and a dog that has a wolf like appearance. The most popular option for this cross has been the German Shepherd.
One of the earliest carefully structured and monitored wolf and German Shepherd breeding programs was started by Leendert Saarloos in 1921.

This Dutch breeder carefully selected the animals used in the breeding process and used zoo raised wolves in early breeding programs, then used second generation hybrids to continue on with the breeding program. The Saarloos Wolfdog is recognized by FCI and the Dutch Kennel Club. It is rarely if ever seen outside of Holland and breeding is very strictly controlled by breeders.

Native American Indian Dog (NAID)

There is a great deal of controversy about the Native American Indian Dog, largely due to the lack of any clear understanding on the type of dogs that originally were considered to be NAID. Some breeders and enthusiasts indicate that the Native American Indian Dog is a very rare native type of dog that was bred for both their ability to work with native people as hunting dogs, for draught work as well as for protection. In this scenario the dogs were from Mongolian dog stock that was bred with wolves and even with some of the domestic breeds that came with early explorers and settlers.

The opposite theory is that Native American Indian Dogs were never selectively bred and are and have always been mixed breed dogs with no uniform size, coat type or set of general behaviors or characteristics. This group believes that the original NAID was simply bred out of existence well before any records or photographs could be taken of the breed. They also believe that the new breed that is being promoted as NAIDs are actually wolf, German Shepherd and various mixed breed dogs that have been bred to create a dog that resembles the historical written records.

Supporters of the breed report that these dogs are very loving, highly intelligent and very loyal. There is both a long and short haired variety that is recognized by the NAIDs club that can be of several colors including a tortoiseshell or a broken coat color that is seen as the ideal. They need to have room to run in a fenced yard and are not considered good for apartments or small areas.

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New Breeds On The Market - Genetic Recreations
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