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Benefits of a Daycare for Dogs

Topic: Doggie Daycares

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There are several benefits to dropping your dog off at a doggy daycare on your way to work. The first and most obvious benefit is that if your dog is not alone in your house you don't have to worry about arriving home to shredded pillows, torn up newspaper and chewed up shoes and furniture. Many pets that spend their days alone with nothing to do simply find something to occupy their time. Unfortunately this destructive type of behavior is one of the leading reasons why dogs are taken to shelters and given up by their owners. With just a bit of understanding and something to do during the day this doesn't need to become a problem at all.

Even if your dog doesn't start to chew up everything in sight you may find that housetraining becomes a real problem, especially if you have a younger dog or a puppy. Without someone there to let them out when they need to be they are much more likely to develop the habit of going to the bathroom inside the house. Again this is not the puppy or dog's fault but when the owners become frustrated it is the dog that will pay the ultimate price of being removed from the home.

Barking complaints are another big reason why dogs that are left alone at home often end up at shelters and rescues. In many cities and urban areas complaints about barking dogs end up in fines or the dog being removed from the premise due to noise violations and complaints. Doggy daycare facilities are typically located outside of major metropolitan areas or are constructed so barking is not an issue for neighboring residents or businesses.

Beside behavioral problems there is also the natural tendency of dogs to enjoy being with other dogs. By nature dogs are pack animals, regardless of how refined and pedigreed they may be. Dogs that are around other dogs are happier, less stressed, less aggressive and calmer, even when they are away from other dogs. For many dogs living in apartments and homes they never have the chance to interact with other dogs, leading to behavior and emotional problems that can be very problematic.

When dogs are allowed to interact with other dogs they typically get much more exercise than they would if they were left to their own devices during the day. Doggy daycares typically have leashed walks for dogs as well as group play times. During these group play times small groups of dogs are allowed to play together in safe, secure and fenced areas. This interaction provides both socialization for the dogs as well as a whole lot of physical activity. Dogs that are routinely exercised and active tend to have fewer problems with obesity and are less likely to develop many of the health issues that are seen in overweight dogs.

Puppies and younger dogs learn how to play and interact with other dogs during these play times or off-leash outings. This high level of interaction will help with socialization out of the doggy daycare and tends to encourage dogs to be much less aggressive and territorial even in their own homes and with their own possessions. Puppies and dogs interacting in this way is very natural plus it prevents the dog or puppy from being so excited and hyperactive when you pick them up. They will not have all that pent up energy and need for attention since they have been physically, socially and mentally active all day.

Dogs that have problems with any type of socialization may have difficulty in adjusting to spending the day at doggy daycare. These dogs, whether very timid or even mildly aggressive, can usually be trained to be more positively socialized either through an obedience class with the owner or through specific training programs that may be offered in conjunction with the doggy daycare facility. In some cases dogs may start out for short periods of time in the doggy daycare and gradually build up to longer times with the group of dogs as they become more socialized.

Usually doggy daycare services provide healthy snacks for your dog throughout the day as well as lots of fresh, clean water in sanitized drinking areas. They may also offer bathing and grooming services or even trips to local doggy parks and off-leash areas during the week. Some doggy daycares also provide options for in-house training programs where professional trainers come in and work with the dogs or puppies at the facility. Usually these services are billed separate from the daily or weekly rate and will require additional releases signed by the dog owner.

Some dogs that have health issues or require feeding or medications multiple times a day can also benefit from doggy daycares. There are specialized programs to deal with these types of dogs and provide all the services that the dog needs to stay comfortable and well-cared for. This prevents the owners from having to rely on friends, neighbors or family that may not be completely reliable about showing up on time. Working with professionals gives you the peace of mind to know that they understand how to work with your dog, what his or her special needs may be as well as what possible complications they need to be on the look-out for.

Doggy daycares are perhaps most effective for dogs that don't have other companion pets in the house. Starting a puppy in a doggy daycare, especially if they are a breed that is known to be timid or somewhat dog-aggressive, is a wonderful way to build in lots of socialization during the earliest possible point in the puppy's development. This investment in training, even though it is play and interaction, is highly recommended for any dog. The more that a puppy of any breed is socialized the friendlier and less dog-aggressive they will be when they mature.

Doggy daycares may also be very important for those breeds that have a tendency to have problems with separation anxiety. Again, starting these breeds at a doggy daycare from a young age is highly recommended to prevent separation anxiety from becoming a problem. Often toy and small breeds are more prone to this type of anxiety, but any dog that is used to constant company and is suddenly left without human companionship can develop separation problems.

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Benefits of a Daycare for Dogs
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