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Designer Pet Tags For That Touch Of Brilliance

Topic: High End Dog Gifts

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Having some type of identification for your dog really is a must, even if they are normally house pets that aren't out without your supervision. There are many different ways that a dog can slip out an open door, dig under a fence or even simply jump out of a car when you are trying to load packages into the vehicle. Keeping a good quality collar on the pet is important, but so is having some type of highly visible and practical pet tag for easy identification.

There are lots of different types of designer pet tags that go beyond the basics. These pet tags are colorful, creative and unique in their design and allow you to provide information to get your pooch safely home while still allowing them to look like a one of a kind dog. Since your dog will have this one whenever he or she is wearing the collar, why not just add a bit of designer glitz?

One option for designer pet tags is to consider a very elegant and rich looking brass tag that is permanently affixed to the collar. This is most commonly seen with the wider, heavier leather collars and is very traditional with the more aristocratic breeds. Hunting dogs, hounds and working and herding dogs often have these types of collars since dangles from the collar can pose choking risks as these dogs go through the bush or over rough ground.

Brass or chrome are the most common metals for these plates that are riveted or stitched directly to the leather collar. Some of the nylon or nylon cotton blend collars can also be wide enough and heavy enough to easily support and highlight a designer name plate for the dog. Since there is only one side visible, information on the plate has to be clear and concise without a lot of additional detail. Shapes for these designer tags or plates can include oval, rectangular, oblong or more ornate scalloped types of shapes. Since they are worn flat against the collar they are rarely scuffed or scratched and can easily be cleaned with a soft cloth.

The second option is to have a separate pet identification tag from the collar itself. This is often the most common and there are many different designer styles to choose from. Gone are the days where the only shapes and styles available where round coin shaped disks or the inevitable dog bone shapes. There are now hearts, stars, geometric shapes and even fully customized shapes. These customized shapes are now simple and easy to make with computerized lasers and program uploads, allowing you to turn any profile, silhouette or design into a designer and one of a kind dog tag. Often these customized dog tag shapes can be done right over the internet, all that is required is a specific type of JPEG or graphic file that can be uploaded to the company.

Of course many pet boutiques, both online and retail, also have a wide variety of wonderful shaped designer dog tags. Some of these are embellished with authentic Swarovski Crystals, semi-precious stones and even with real diamond chips or chips from other precious types of stones. Surprisingly these tags are not that costly with many running under thirty dollars each. This includes custom engraving on the tag, with your own choice of font and information.

Plastic pet tags in a variety of bright, vibrant colors are both eye catching as well as very durable. They also don't make the clanking sound that the metal tags do, something that you may wish to consider. These takes come in many different shapes and sizes and can be custom designed as well.

Ideally any type of designer pet identification tag will have two sides to include information. The key components of what need to be included on the tag should be the dog's name as well as a phone number that is always going to be a working number. For many owners this is a cell number rather than a land line, especially if you move often or are renting and may not be living at the same address all the time. Another option is to use the phone number of your veterinarian's office since these are typically answered 24 hours a day. Of course your pet's rabies tag will typically already have that information, but not all dogs always have their rabies tags on their collars.

Designer pet tags should be functional and not just ornamental. Always use a font that is easy to read and make sure you check the tag and the collar for any signs of wear and tear. It is also important to check the ring that holds the tag to the collar as this can sometimes become brittle or worn and easily break off, leaving the dog unidentified. Routinely examine the tag and make sure the engraving is easy to read and has not become rubbed or worn down. Choose fonts that are not cursive or too decorative, especially for the numbers.

While designed tags of any type are great way to identify your pet, there is always the chance that a collar can be slipped, accidentally removed or simply not on the dog when he or she gets out on their own. For this reason it is also essential to make sure that you beloved pet is microchipped, ensuring they can always be identified at any vet, shelter or rescue they may be taken to. Without microchipping there is a lesser chance that your dog can be traced back to you, especially if you are traveling when the dog is lost or they go a long distance away from their local area.

One other option for designer pet tags is to stitch or embroider the dog's name and contact information right into the nylon or nylon cotton blend types of collars. Most custom embroidery shops can do this, making a very durable and practical identification for your pet. It is important to keep the collar clean and also check to make sure the information is easy to read and highly visible.

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Designer Pet Tags For That Touch Of Brilliance
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