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Dog Psychics - What do they do?

Topic: Specialty Dog Services

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Tags: Training, Behavior, Barking, Aggressive

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There is considerable controversy over the use of dog psychics in the area of training, behavior modification, diagnosis of health conditions and general dog behavior and adjustment. Dog psychics are people that report being able to communicate directly with pets, usually dogs or cats, exclusively through thought channels. Dog psychics should not be confused with animal behaviorists that work specifically with changing animal behavior by recognizing and altering patterns of behavior through structured training and environmental modifications. These individuals, often workings as professional trainers or consultants, use scientific evidence, patterned responses and a strong understanding of animal instinctual and natural behavior to change problematic behaviors into acceptable pet behaviors. Most animal behaviorists have advanced degrees in Animal Science or other related fields.

Animal or dog psychics, on the other hand, are typically not professionally trained through a college, university or other type of degree program. These individuals use natural or self-taught talents for communicating and understanding why pets are doing what they are doing. Many pet psychics report this gift or skill as something they have been able to do for many years. Some pet psychics need to have direct contact with the pet, usually in the form of physical touch, while others don't require direct contact with the animal to be able to read and interpret their thoughts. These individuals report being able to communicate directly with the animal over any space and in any time; only requiring the owner to let them know the pet's name to make mental contact.

There are also a group of dog psychics that report being able to communicate with pets that have passed away. These dog psychics will often report messages from the owner to the pet or from the deceased dog to the owner based on information provided by the owner.

Dog psychics are not new, there have been those people that have reported being able to read or interpret dog and animal thoughts for centuries. They are often people that also act as human psychics, but not always. Dog owners that use pet psychics on a regular basis or even once or twice often report a benefit from the service, although there is little scientific or quantifiable evidence to support these types of reports.

Dog owners contact pet psychics for many different reasons. Some dog psychics are consulted to help locate lost pets. In these types of consultations the dog owner typically brings a picture of the dog to the psychic for a reading. Some psychics may also require a collar, leash, toy or bedding item that was the dog's favorite to get a mental picture. The psychic then communicates with the lost dog telepathically through the object or picture, providing clues as to where the dog may be found.

Another common reason that owners consult with pet psychics is to try to determine why a dog or other pet is engaging in a specific behavior. Often these are behaviors that are very problematic for the owner such as excessive barking, chewing, running away, dog aggression or even being highly possessive or territorial. In most situations including extreme behavior problems there may be several sessions required for the psychic to fully understand and interpret what the dog is thinking. Many psychics that offer this type of service have to see the dog in his or her home environment as well as in other sessions to try to determine the root of the behavior through the information communicated by the dog. They claim that they do not use their own senses or ideas of why the dog is behaving the way it is, rather they simply communicate to the owner the thoughts and ideas, often in the shape of pictures and words, that the dog communicates to them telepathically.

The controversy over pet psychics has a lot to do with how these individuals are generally perceived by the scientific world. There is little if any evidence that this type of psychic phenomena can actually occur, which makes proving the effects of consultations virtually impossible. To add to the controversy many dog psychics attribute human like emotions of hurt, anger, loss and jealously to dogs, which is also an area of controversy.

Distracters from the use of pet psychics claim that all the pet psychic does is provide dog owners with whatever information the dog owner appears to be looking for. The pet psychic is also believed, at least by this group, to simply interpret logical but very human reasons for a behavior to the owners, and then make logical recommendations for correction based on what they think, not on anything directly related to the dog.

For those individuals that believe in the services offered by pet psychics there is no need for specific scientific evidence, improvement in a dog's behavior or finding a lost dog is all the proof that they need. Many owners that use dog psychics do report that following the suggestions that their dog makes through the psychic does ensure that their dog is happier, healthier and better adjusted mentally to a variety of different environments and events.

Whether you believe in dog psychics or not, there are a growing number of individuals that are offering their services to worried dog and pet owners. Most critics of the profession claim that these psychics are simply playing into the emotions of the human owners, but they do admit they are often highly attuned to the slightest behaviors changes in the pet during the reading. When the pet is not present for the psychic to be able to see, the results are often not as noticeable and the readings tend to be less specific.

There are some individuals that have been very accurate in diagnosing or indicating areas of health problems within dogs, even after vets have given up baffled as to cause of the health problem. These types of dog psychics report actually reading the body energy of the dog, looking for areas of the body that are giving off more or less energy as a sign of infection, injury or illness. More research into the area of pet psychics continues, but for those owners that believe in the process, they have all the evidence that they need.

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Dog Psychics - What do they do?
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