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Great Danes

Aliases: German Mastiff, Deutsche Dogge

Great Dane For Sale

Great Dane Illnesses You Should Know About

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Tags: Great Dane, Health, Health Problems

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When raising a Great Dane in your home, there are some illnesses that you should know about. Having a short life span is one of the most negative aspects of the Great Dane breed. Their life span usually ranges from seven to ten years. The most common health problems that the Great Dane faces are gastric torsion or bloat, heart diseases, and some types of cancers. There can be varying factors that can result to an unhealthy Great Dane. Improper diet, infections, and false pregnancies among others are just some of the factors that can lead to a serious or simple illness that happens to most Great Danes.

The most common illnesses or health conditions that have been found in the breed are as follows.

Cardiomyopathy is one of the common diseases in Great Danes that can be tested. As of the moment it is one of the diseases that are suspected to be inherited diseases in the breed. Research is still ongoing. Have your Great Dane take an echocardiogram to know if your dog has it. Congenital heart defects are found in Great Danes with cardiomyopathy.

Another common health condition in the Great Dane breed is hip dysplasia. It is an inherited disease that is seen as having a poor conformation towards the rear end of your Great Dane. Often times, your Great Dane can become crippled. It is always best to have your Great Dane x-rayed if you suspect they have this affliction. For breeding stocks, having it checked for hip dysplasia is required.

Hypothyroidism is another common disease that is a result of an inherited disorder in the immune system. The thyroid gland of your Great Dane does not produce enough hormones that are needed in maintaining the metabolism of your dog. On the bright side, this can be easily corrected. There are thyroid replacement pills that you can let your pets take if they have hypothyroidism.

Another health problem that your Great Dane may encounter is cataracts. Even though it is not a common issue, when left ignored, it may cause blindness.

Now the number one disease in Great Danes that can cause death is bloating. In fact, the breed of Great Danes is known to be the number one breed at risk of this health problem. The deep-chested Great Danes are the common types that are affected. One of the symptoms that enable you to tell if your Great Dane is bloating is if the stomach distends. This health issue can be very painful for your Great Dane. At the same time, surgery is usually necessary. Multiple small meals each day may be a cause of bloat in the Great Dane.

Lastly, cancer is another disease that Great Danes may suffer from. In fact, there are a variety of cancers that can affect the Great Dane. One of the two most common types of cancer common to the breed is bone cancer or osteosarcoma and lymphoma.

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Great Dane Illnesses You Should Know About
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