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Aliases: American Brittany, Epagneul Breton, Breton Peasant's Hunting Dog

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Appropriate Activities for the Brittany

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The Brittany is a breed of dog that will need much in the way of both physical activity and mental stimulation throughout most of its life. Otherwise, as with all dogs who become bored, destructive behaviors are likely to follow. The young Brittany pup can be somewhat impulsive, prone to whimpering, and submissive urination. As the rule goes, a tired pup is a good pup. When given activities to fill their time with, there is little chance they will give in to being wholly destructive. Activities also deepen the bond between an owner and his or her Brittany. The activities can be structured or non-structured and can be one on one or involve an entire family. The Brittany never really seems to care what the choice is as long as there is a chance to be involved and interact.

A Brittany needs plenty of room to roam and there is nothing better for them than taking a run through a giant field, given the chance. In places where this is not possible, owners must still be sure to get their Brittany out for a good long walk at least three to four times per week. Though light jogs can be a good idea, it is important to keep to short distances. The Brittany loves to run but is so bent on pleasing its owner that it will often push itself even if it is hurting. This can lead to turning small injuries into something more serious.

Another good activity for the Brittany is one that allows it to use its keen sense of smell. After giving the command to stay or wait, one can hide their Brittany's favorite snack throughout the yard or house and then encourage them to find the treats using their nose. This is also a useful training exercise disguised as fun, which is a perfect way to train this high energy breed. Depending on the dog's age and level of experience, the treats can be hidden in plain sight or under objects such as training cones. This type of activity is perfect for such a breed that is known for constantly following its nose nearly every minute of the day.

For the Brittany who is learning to hunt, a good activity that involves both the dog and the owner are short walking sessions that use the basic heel, whoa, and all right commands. Most trainers recommend starting with 3-5 minute sessions in a backyard or anyplace where there are no distractions. As the Brittany progresses in age and skill level, training sessions should be moved to places that offer more distractions, such as a public park. Keeping it short and full of fun will always help keep the Brittany interested. With consistent practice over a matter of months, owners will see remarkable results.

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Appropriate Activities for the Brittany
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