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English Foxhounds

Aliases: English Foxhound, Foxhound

English Foxhound For Sale

The English foxhound as a Family Pet

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Tags: English Foxhound, Behavior, Family Breeds

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The English foxhound makes a wonderful pet for couples with or without children. They seem to get along with everyone and everything. Originally being a pack hound, they get along with other dogs and love being around humans. It also gets along with other outdoor animals such as horses, cows, and so on. It is a very social animal. Although they get along great with dogs and other large animals, they do possess a drive to find prey, which may make them want to chase smaller animals. This could present a problem if you also have cats or other small animals as pets. It's very important that your English foxhound be socialized around your other small animals at a young age.

The English foxhound does have a lot of energy and requires a large amount of exercise. Although they can survive in a small apartment with the right amount of outdoor exercise, they really would do better in an area where they have lots of room to run around and play. They are lively and friendly animals that make great companions for kids. They are very agile and active especially once they fully mature, which seems to take them longer than other breeds. Therefore, it will seem like you still have a puppy with all the "puppy antics" longer than you would like. However, their friendly and loving nature makes them a joy to have around.

The English foxhound is somewhat independent and headstrong, making training them more work, therefore they are best suited to someone that has experience in dogs and training. You may want to take them to a professional trainer to get some help with their training. You will need to show patience as well as assertiveness to be successful with their training. Although they may be a little active and energetic for small children, they do make excellent pets for older children. Once they've been around the smaller children and trained well, they make great pets for them as well.

The English foxhound may tend to be a little reserved around strangers, often barking at them. They will bark any time they feel there may be danger which makes them excellent watchdogs for the family. They are not an aggressive dog in that respect; however, so many enjoy their watchdog skills.

Due to their high energy level, they need to get lots of exercise and playtime or they become bored. A bored English foxhound is often a destructive one. If this dog is feeling neglected or bored, they will resort to chewing, digging and whatever other destructive behavior they can think of. Although they do have a stubborn streak in them, once trained and socialized, they are a very obedient dog and a joy to have as a family pet.

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The English foxhound as a Family Pet
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