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Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Male Dogue de Bordeaux

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Tags: Dogue De Bordeaux, Behavior

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Advantages Of Owning A Male

There are many advantages to owning a male Dogue de Bordeaux such as the face that they are more lovable than females and have a good disposition. The male Dogue loves to show affection and has an outgoing personality. They are also stable as far as their moods are concerned, they do not have mood swings like a female does.

Although they are large dogs, the Dogue de Bordeaux male is more of a funny dog and shows this by being slightly clumsy at times. The joys of having a Dogue are seen everyday as they grow and develop personalities. The males are as loyal as any dog can be as are the females.

Disadvantages Of Owning A Male Dogue

The male Dogue de Bordeaux will test you and have issues with your dominance over them at times. This type of behavior can last until they reach the age of three years. The behavior can start early as they develop an awareness of their male instincts. There are ways to curb this behavior with proper training, but you might see signs here and there, especially if they are not neutered.

Another disadvantage is that a male tendency to lick themselves and during the most inappropriate time, they sometimes demonstrate their male dominance over things that are in an upright position such as other dogs, stuffed animals or peoples legs. The male also has a need to mark their territory and has a tendency to do this quite often especially if other dogs are around. In some cases, neutering will help with these problems, but it will still be a part of the male instinct. Males that are not neutered are more prone to run when given the chance. This of course can be curbed with the proper training.

If you have a male Dogue de Bordeaux and a female in the vicinity is in heat, they can sometimes have unfavorable behavior such as whining, barking and yelping until they can no longer smell the female. Neutering does however fix this type of behavior.

Deciding On A Male Dogue de Bordeaux

The disadvantages and advantages are just a way to find out if a female or male is best for your family situation. Although there seems to be more disadvantages, most of those traits can be addressed by proper health care and training. If your dog will not be a stud, you can eliminate some problems by having the dog neutered.

If you do plan to use your Dogue de Bordeaux as a stud, you will need to understand the hormonal instincts in the male is to seek out a female in heat, this is any female dog. Marking their territory does cause problems if they do this in the house, but otherwise if they are properly housetrained, they should not do this in the house unless you bring other males into the house. The male Dogue is lovable and cuddly, which makes many people more interested in them than a female.

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Disadvantages And Advantages Of Owning A Male Dogue de Bordeaux
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