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Socializing A Dogue de Bordeaux Is Important

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Tags: Dogue De Bordeaux, Socialization

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Many people do not understand the importance of socializing the Dogue de Bordeaux. The breed alone should call for more understanding about the need to introduce the dog breed to people and other animals. If you are interested in owning the Dogue de Bordeaux, you need to have an understanding about how the breed lives and strives. If you fail to start training your puppy early enough, the puppy can grow up to have social anxiety, which can result in aggressive behavior. This alone can be devastating if the dog attacks small children or other animals. Training your Dogue is vital to learning how to socialize and exist with other people or animals.

How To Socialize Your Dogue de Bordeaux

If you prefer to socialize your Dogue de Bordeaux yourself, you are going to need some knowledge about how to do the training the right way and what the training consists of and how long the training should take. When you read the training book, you will either be confident you can do the training without professional help or you may feel you need help. Keep in mind, this is a puppy right now, but they grow fast, therefore, early training is needed.

Do It Yourself Training

If you decide to train the Dogue yourself, you are going to need somewhere that the dog can be around other dogs that are preferably very well trained and socialized. You may want to visit a puppy training area where other people will have their dogs. You want to keep your dog on a leash because this will allow you to control your puppy. It is best to allow the dog to run and play while on a leash, but you have to make sure, no other dogs show aggression towards the Dogue puppy.

Puppy Training Classes

These classes are the best way to socialize your puppy. It is done in a controlled environment with qualified instructors who spend years training dogs and teaching these classes. While the puppy is learning to socialize while learning a few commands, the instructors can help if there are any concerns. You will not have this type of help if you try to socialize the Dogue de Bordeaux yourself.

Never Isolate The Puppy

You should never isolate the puppy from other animals or people; this will result in a dog that has no socialization skills. Manners and respect for people and animals comes from association. The puppy that is kept from interacting with others will become unfamiliar with interacting with others, which can result in aggressive or unwanted behavior if the occasion arises. Keep in mind the dog will grow to be large and proper socialization can only enhance the life of the dog.

An older Dogue de Bordeaux who has never been socialized will prove to be a challenge, but with proper techniques, the Dogue can learn to be around other animals and people. If you have a new puppy or an older Dogue, make sure to take it slow when introducing to other animals and other people.

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Socializing A Dogue de Bordeaux Is Important
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