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Taking Control Of The Dogue de Bordeaux Aggression Issues

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Tags: Dogue De Bordeaux, Behavior

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Puppies as well as adult Dogue de Bordeauxs can show aggression towards other animals, children or people. This can happen as young as six weeks old. For the most part a puppy is not aware of what they are doing, but they might not like somebody or something. This can become more advanced as they become older. If the problem is not dealt with early, behavior that is more aggressive can result. Aggression does not always mean biting or attacking, but can be growling, snapping at the air or crouching as if they will pounce. Dealing with an aggressive puppy is easier than dealing with an adult Dogue.

Puppy Aggression

Puppies that show signs of aggression need proper training. The training may be as simple as socialization or it could mean training that is more extensive. Although it is rare to see a puppy show aggression, if they are not secure or happy, they could show this insecurity by aggressive behavior. Puppies who stay with the mother and other dogs for longer periods, could show signs of a pack dog, which when taken away from the pack can turn their aggression towards the person removing them from the pack. Puppies might just have a developing personality that needs to be corrected.

Proper training can correct aggressive behavior and avoid complications that come from such behavior. Training classes are the best way to correct developing puppy aggression and proper socialization.

Adult Dogue Aggression

If you have an older dog that shows signs of aggression, you can correct the behavior with proper training. This is best done with a qualified trainer. They are trained on techniques to curb the behavior. An older Dogue de Bordeaux may have had no training or situations in their lives may have triggered the aggressive behavior. If the dog had an injury from being hit by a car for instance, they can show signs of aggression, this is caused because they were injured and are now protecting themselves from further pain.

This type of aggression needs extensive training to trust again and control the behavior. A Dogue that was never raised around people may have aggressive tendencies, therefore, a trainer would introduce the Dogue to new people and work with showing the Dogue love and respect while demanding the same. There is hope for any age Dogue de Bordeaux with aggressive behavior.

Determining Why There Is Aggressive Behavior

The first thing to do when dealing with aggressive behavior is finding out why such behavior exists. There may be underlying circumstances that are not going to be as easy to correct if it was from improper training. When you know the possible reason, you can then work to reinforce good behavior and eliminate the aggressive behavior. Training your Dogue can be rewarding when you see the results. Every dog can be retrained to behave the way they should. This is the rewarding part of training your Dogue. They can then be your loyal and trusted friend for a long time.

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Taking Control Of The Dogue de Bordeaux Aggression Issues
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