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Chow Chows

Aliases: Chow

Chow Chow For Sale

Chow Chows for Rescue and Retirement

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Tags: Chow Chow, Behavior

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The Chow Chow Pet for Rescue

Chow Chow owners may have been spending an exhausting amount of time training their pets to become friendly, welcoming strangers and other dogs and cats. Your great efforts may or may not pay off, depending on the nature and mood of your dog. Instinctively, the Chow dog is an excellent guard. He will always defend his turf and is always on the look out for his master's safety.

The unfamiliar provokes a Chow's natural instincts to attack. Your Chow pet may help you get rid of unscrupulous individuals or even wild animals that have invaded your home. Simply train your Chow Chow to distinguish between the treacherous and the trustworthy. Let him interact with your close friends and relatives as often as time permits so as to avoid inevitably unpleasant incidents caused by your pet's belligerent manners. However, when strangers stealthily appear on your doorstep or try to break into your home, your Chow Chow's sharp alertness will respond to the possibly threatening scene immediately before help or some kind of commotion takes effect. The bottom line: your Chow will always guarantee your safety at all times as this is one the Chow Chow's best virtues.

The Chow Chow Pet for Senior Citizens

What unique characteristics does the Chow Chow have that may uplift the lives of senior citizens?

  • Beautiful appearance: grooming your Chow pet may be a good indulgence for you

  • Being a one-person dog: expect an excellent guard and loyal companion

  • Strong-will, independence, and stubbornness: training your Chow Chow is a meaningful activity for you and will help you stay active. However, do it in a playful way.

  • Being a watch-dog: keeping you from worries and anxieties

  • Being shy and aloof: you may be compelled to provide your Chow Chow with better social goings-on as it is one of his special needs

  • He needs to interact with your close friends and relatives so he will not treat them as strangers. He must get to know them well enough in order to avoid such incidents of assault. With that said, you may also strengthen your relationships with your loved ones, making your life more satisfying and granting you a great reason to look forward to the days ahead.


    Owning a Chow Chow for a pet will give you 5-R results that will undoubtedly improve your ways of living. These are recreation, redemption, resoluteness, responsibility, and above all, rescue.

    As a Chow owner, the 5 R's mean:

  • Recreation - companionship, grooming and caring, training, socializing

  • Redemption - knowing your inner-self more, testing your traits, finding value in every challenging day

  • Resoluteness - determination to keep the dog regardless of behavioral problems, nobleness

  • Responsibility - being prepared for his special needs, giving you a fulfilling thing to do

  • Rescue - keeping you and your territory from any possible danger

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    Chow Chows for Rescue and Retirement
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