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Chow Chows

Aliases: Chow

Chow Chow For Sale

The Chow Chow: The Different Breed

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Here are the unique features and traits of Chow Chows:


Chow Chows can easily attract attention everywhere because of the splendid beauty they have. A Chow Chow has a massive coat that is either smooth or rough. The Chow fur is naturally thick, creating a superb form that can even be mistaken for a wondrously superficial facade. The coat serves as the Chow Chow's prevailing style and once it is shaved off it may take months before it grows back. As far as dog breeds go, the Chow Chow has the highest value with regard to fashion, elegance, and distinct looks. It is naturally one of a kind.


Red, cinnamon, black, blue, and cream - these are the five dominant colors found in Chow Chows. Some people may choose a Chow Chow depending on their favorite colors. That's just normal. However, others may have conceived an idea that a color technically depicts a Chow Chow's temperament or characteristics. Example: a red Chow may be the most obstinate one, a blue Chow is most likely to be tame, or a black Chow has the highest tendency to attack. This perception is absolutely false. Colors do not describe the chow Chows' character at all.


The Chow Chow is the only dog breed that has a blue-black tongue. It is a mystery that only a fable has an answer to.

Deceiving Nature

The Chow Chow breed has an enriching history that dates back to ancient China. In our modern world, who would have thought that this mythical-creature-like emergence used to be a sporting dog? Indeed, it is a known fact that the Chow Chows are exceptional guards. But as hunters? Imagine your dazzling Chow pet running after a wild deer or slaughtering a squirrel or wrestling with a beastly fox. Would you be impressed, disgusted or shocked? How deceitful Chow Chows are. However, study the Chow's behavior. The natural inherited characteristics may subconsciously be motivated in any given situation.

Their Appeal

To own a dog is to find happiness. To raise a Chow Chow is to invest in a challenge. When you see a Chow Chow, what comes through your mind? Isn't it tempting to have a Chow pet? Wouldn't it feel nice to caress your Chow Chow's thick and woolly coat or snuggle him in your arms? Due to their celebrated looks, Chow Chows usually seduce those who are looking for pets. This breed is captivating to look at. The Chow's rare features attract like a magnet to practically anyone - dog lovers or not. Just by looking at Chow Chows, it instantly draws a brilliant smile on your face.

Regardless, Chow Chows are wonderful if challenging dogs to own

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The Chow Chow: The Different Breed
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