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The Vizsla Origins as a Pointer and a Retriever

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The Vizsla origins as a pointer and retriever begin with the ancient people called the Magyars. They were a people who constantly had to defend their existence through the use of animals. Horses were used in war while the Vizsla was used in the hunt for food. The Vizsla, whose name is Hungarian for Pointer, is a very smart pointer and retriever whose value and ability was recognized early on.

The Magyars ultimately had to make a tactical move in order to defend against the warring Turks and their constant attacks. They chose the mountains of present-day Hungary because of the shield-like quality of that entire region. The Vizsla's great sense of smell helped Magyars to continue to survive off of the food they were able to locate in such rough terrain. Years later, the Vizsla became a part of the landscape and culture of present-day Hungary. It had been a staple in places like Transylvania, where the breed was able to stay pure. But soon Hungary, during the World Wars, became where the Vizsla breed became a bit watered down.

The communists who overtook Hungary wanted a stranglehold on the country's citizens, there everything native to Hungary was destroyed. The Vizsla went the way of many other quintessentially Hungarian things, almost nearing extinction. However, the skills the Vizsla posses as a pointer and retriever were its saving grace. The high ranking officials of the Communist party enjoyed hunting rabbit and deer. Thus, a few of this resilient breed remained, but they were of a denser bone variation.

There was a time in the 1800s when the Vizsla was almost overcrowded out of it own breed niche. There was an influx German Shorthair Pointers and English Pointers in the 1800s. And there are theories that these breeds, along with the Weimaraner, were used in the late 1900s to reestablish the breed and cultivate the Vizsla breed. It is just a theory, however, as there is not solid evidence for or against the idea. But the resemblance to Pointer breeds cannot be overlooked as the Vizsla share the pointers sharp, protruding nose and its alert, thin pointed tail. And the Vizsla's flushing skills are only rivaled by that of the pointer breed.

When in Hungary, the Vizsla was popular to use in hunting rats. But once America caught wind of its search and finding talents, the Vizsla was imported to the States by the 1950s. Its use morphed into game hunting once it the Vizsla hit American soil. It was used as retriever of birds, deer and rabbit. It ultimately became popular in Australia as it did in America. Now there exists point score competitions held annually to celebrate the Vizsla and its talents.

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The Vizsla Origins as a Pointer and a Retriever
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