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Aliases: Hungarian Short-haired Pointing Dog, Rovidszoru Magyar Vizsla

Vizsla For Sale

A Vizsla as a Show Dog

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Tags: Vizsla, AKC Conformation, Show

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The Vizsla Breed Standard for show dogs emphasizes obedience and a taut build. The Vizsla is a sporting dog who should be on the lighter-sized end of the medium build spectrum. The coat ought to be a gold brown color and the Vizsla is in top condition when he is lean but muscular. And this is one of the breeds that can have scars and not be penalized in a competition setting as they indicate that he has been on hunts, as he should have been.

Jaws should be are strong and housing white teeth meeting that form a scissors bite. Lips cover the jaws completely but are neither loose nor droopy. Eyes must be medium in size while the color of the iris should be the same color as the coat. A yellow or any other color Vizsla will be penalized. Muzzle must be square with a brown nose. Any other color is penalized but a totally black nose will get a Vizsla disqualified. The ears are desired to be thin, long and smooth The Neck should be smooth as well but also arched and muscular. Lower eyelids should not turn in or out since both positions lets dust in to irritate the eye.

The shoulder blades should be long and proportionate and near each other at the top of the Vizsla. Forelegs are to be straight and muscular with short brown nails. Hind legs have to be thicker and muscular but not too angled. The tail must have one-third of its tip docked off. The Coat is supposed to be short, smooth, full and, without an undercoat. A long coat is grounds for disqualification. The color of the coat cannot be compromised at all. White on the forechest, and toes is acceptable.

However, a solid white above the toes or white anywhere else on the dog except the forechest is a disqualification. White in the forechest must be small and only located clustered in one spot. . White on the shoulders or neck is a disqualification. White due to older age will not be penalized but any black anywhere in the coat will be.

Males must be 22 to 24 inches while females can be an inch shorter than that range. Any deviation from those measurements will result in the disqualification of a Vizsla. The body on either gender must be solid as well as strong and proportioned well. The back should be short with .high. Chest must be medium broad and deep, reaching the elbows. Ribs must be pronounced when the dog is sitting fully erect. The temperament of a Vizsla must lend itself to superb yielding to and yearning for training.

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A Vizsla as a Show Dog
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