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Aliases: Kooiker, Kooiker Dog, Kooiker Hound, Dutch Decoy Dog

Kooikerhondje For Sale

Kooikerhondje - Weird Facts/Did You Know

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Tags: Kooikerhondje, Weird Facts

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Dogs are surprising creatures. Every so often you hear a story about how one saves a family from a fire or has some other quality that makes them different from the rest. Some are giant and some are small while some have short hairs while others make it look like your favorite mop is suddenly trying to run away. Have you ever wondered what other things make dogs different? Kooikerhondjes, for example, wear earrings and play sports. It's no joke. Read on.

What Do You Mean My Dog Wears Earrings?

Okay, so that's not exactly true. Kooikerhondjes tend to have long black tips on their ears. This is what is meant when people refer to this breed's earrings. Not all of them do, but it is a distinctive characteristic of this breed, not to mention a highly desired quality in a member of this group. Whether or not a particular puppy possesses this trait is determined by genetics, and that fact contributes to the highly selective breeding practices that have been put in place for this breed. Many Kooikerhondje puppies are born with little black hairs that fall out within three or four months after the puppy is born. If a puppy does not have these hairs, however, then it will not develop its signature black tip earrings. Fashionable as these earrings may be, for most of us we are supposed to take off our watches and jewelry before playing sports, but this rule doesn't apply to Kooikerhondjes.

Is My Dog Like The One That Played Basketball In That Movie?

Kooikerhondjes love being active and behave better when they can be active. Dog owners love to take their dogs along for sporty activities, and Kooikerhondje owners are no exception. Kooikerhondjes love to run so hiking is an ideal excursion for these four-legged friends. Similarly, hunting is ideal given the longstanding tradition of Kooikerhondjes as hunting dogs. One actual sport is Disc Dog which includes a dog, a frisbee, and what comes naturally to that combination. Another is called Flyball and consists of teams of four dogs racing each other while leaping hurdles to get a tennis ball. There are many such sports for dogs, and it is doubtful that there will be an end to new ones any time soon. After all, there will always be a new way to incorporate a game of fetch into a new competition.

Dogs never cease to amaze us. With the seemingly endless varieties we may never stop being surprised by what they can do. From saving lives to being major stars of television and movies, it seems as though dogs will only be limited by the restrictions we place on them. After all, Kooikerhondjes can play sports and wear matching earrings while doing it. Now that's impressive.

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Kooikerhondje - Weird Facts/Did You Know
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