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The Akbash and Families with Children

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While they are a breed that has been bred for protection, the Akbash may not be a good breed for your home, family, and children. The reasons for this are numerous, but they are all rooted in one simple fact: the Akbash is a protector at heart, and can be aggressive by nature. Also, he is a very independent dog, again because he was bred to be so. So before you choose an Akbash as your family's pet, think about the possible problems that can be associated with the breed and protection animals in general.

Everyone wants to protect their families. But it can be a huge mistake to choose a protection dog like an Akbash as a protector for your home, especially if you do not have any prior experience with raising and training a protection dog. The Akbash as a breed that must be taught early who their masters are, and to obey commands. However, even when the Akbash has been properly trained, he is still an independent animal that is not instinctually used to taking commands from a human on a regular basis. This may result in a dog that does his own thing, and does not ultimately obey the master or owner.

The Akbash was bred in Turkey to protect and guard livestock. As a shepherd or working dog, the Akbash was often left alone in the fields with the pack of livestock for days without any human interference. The dog had of course been trained to keep the sheep or other livestock together and in one specific area, but other than that basic rule, the dog had little to obey. He essentially had the run of a very large amount of open space and little human companionship. In fact, the only regular visitors this breed dealt with were predators - and the breed would attack and kill these predators.

These are not behavior patterns that will translate well into today's suburban households. In an area like the typical American suburb where the yard is not several acres wide, the Akbash will not prosper. He needs to be in larger spaces, and will seek these out by escaping from the yard if given the opportunity.

Also, the Akbash can be very aggressive if he feels his "flock" is being threatened. While you can train an Akbash to protect your children or family, if a stranger should make movements towards them that the dog interprets incorrectly, you may end up with a friend or relation with a serious dog bite injury. While Akbash dogs are not aggressive with children or with their masters in general, the dog does have the tendencies for aggression and this should seriously be considered before the dog is purchased.

But if you have a lot of open space, livestock for the dog to work with, and a firm, experienced hand for canine discipline, then the Akbash may very well be the dog for your family. Unfortunately, for those looking for companions to fetch a stick, beg for a treat, and sleep in the bed, the Akbash is not the best choice of pet.

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The Akbash and Families with Children
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