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Japanese Chins

Aliases: Japanese Spaniel, Chin

Japanese Chin For Sale

The Japanese Chin and Breathing Difficulties

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Tags: Japanese Chin, Health, Health Problems

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The Japanese Chin is a fairly healthy dog with few health problems. With good care, the Chin can live from 12 to 14 years. As is the case with most dogs, some health problems seem to affect some dogs more than others do. With the Japanese Chin, the problem can be breathing difficulties.

Dyspnea is a form of respiratory (breathing) distress that often affects the Japanese Chin. There are different causes for dyspnea such as heart disease, heart failure, infection, trauma, fluid or bleeding in the lungs, or chest or lung disease. Depending on the cause of the dyspnea, treatment may be hospitalization with oxygen, diuretics, draining the fluid, or some sort of drug therapy. Dyspnea is an emergency for the Chin. As soon as you notice him having difficulty breathing, take note of what he is doing, his activity level, and anything unusual that you will need to tell the vet.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy (DCM) is another problem that will affect the Japanese Chin and comes from enlargement or dilation of the heart chambers. Symptoms for this are shortness of breath, collapse, sudden pain and/or paralysis in the back legs, coughing, and intolerance to exercise. If your dog exhibits any of these symptoms, they should receive medical treatment immediately. DCM is actually very common in dogs and most dogs suffering will get drug therapy as one form of treatment.

Other conditions or circumstances may also give your Japanese Chin breathing difficulties. The Chin is very sensitive to temperature, either too cold or too warm. During cold weather, the Chin should be kept warm as cold weather may cause respiratory obstructions as well as breathing difficulties. The same can be said for the hot summers. This dog cannot tolerate high heat or humidity, both of which can cause respiratory difficulty. Make sure the dog has plenty of cool water available at all times as well as adequate ventilation in warm weather.

The Japanese Chin has a short, flattened face, which can cause heart and breathing problems. This is common with many dogs with the flattened face. Symptoms to be aware of are shortness of breath, coughing, difficulty breathing, fatigue, and weight loss.

Because of their flat face, the Japanese Chin has a few breathing habits that may concern their owners. One sound they make is referred to as a snort or "snizzle", which is them blowing a fine mist out of their nose. They also do what is called a reverse sneeze. It is a honking sound that may appear like they are having trouble breathing, but they are usually fine. The owner may want to gently rub their neck or apply light pressure on their rib cage. It will usually stop as soon as the dog swallows. If the wheezing does continue for more than a few minutes, a vet should be contacted.

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The Japanese Chin and Breathing Difficulties
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