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Japanese Chins

Aliases: Japanese Spaniel, Chin

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The Japanese Chin and Separation Anxiety

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Tags: Japanese Chin, Health Problems

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The Japanese Chin is a wonderful pet and companion to anyone lucky enough to own one. They have so many good qualities as far as pets go. There is one problem that is often very difficult to deal with and that is the separation anxiety the dog goes through each time you leave him.

The Japanese Chin has a dependent type of personality and feel they need to be with their owners at all times. They love sitting on their lap or just being next to them. When they are left alone, they will whine, cry, and often resort to destructive behavior such as chewing, digging, or barking. Many owners feel that the dog is doing this as a way to punish the owner for leaving them home alone. This is not the case. The dog is truly unhappy, depressed, and felling abandoned. They are acting out as a way to relieve their unhappiness and stress.

There are two different reasons why a dog will have separation anxiety. One reason, a genetic reason, is that the dog was born with the condition (a predisposition to be afraid or nervous when under stress) and the suffering is beyond his control and no one's fault. The other reason is that the owner has contributed to the dog becoming this way by allowing an emotional attachment that has become too dependent or co-dependent. The genetic reason is what you would commonly see in a dog like the German Shepherd, who are known as being one-man dogs. When their "one man" leaves, they feel deserted.

There are other reasons why dogs such as the Japanese Chin suffer from separation anxiety such as being separated from their mother too soon, not having proper socialization at a young age, sudden change in their life like a new home or getting boarded, the owner suddenly ending constant contact or the long-term detachment of a family member such as you'd see in death or divorce. In addition, babying the dog, or failure to train the dog, or being overprotective are also causes of separation anxiety.

If your Japanese Chin suffers from separation anxiety, there are several things you can do. Do not pay attention to him in any way, shape, or form for about 30 minutes before you leave. When you return, don't make a big deal out of it. Wait 5 to 10 minutes before even greeting the dog.

Exercise your Chin before you leave as this relaxes them as well as tires them out. Above all, don't make a big deal out of your leaving. Many owners will seek the advice of their vet, who often recommend a tranquilizer to calm the dog on a temporary basis.

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The Japanese Chin and Separation Anxiety
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