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Joys Of Owning A Basset Hound

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Tri-colored Male Bull Terrier



Ormond Beach, FL

Bull Terrier

There are many reasons why you might want a dog. Maybe you grew up with one or you just love animals. Obtaining a pet can benefit you in countless ways and basset hounds are no exception to this rule. Owning a basset hound can be a joy because they get along with almost everyone, enjoy excellent health, and have been bred for hunting. Let's take a peek at a few of the reasons why owning a basset hound can be such a pleasure.

Everybody's Best Friend

They get along with everyone pretty much. This is always a concern when there are other pets or children in the house. Basset hounds tend to be sociable with people as well as with other animals. Their mild-mannered nature and willingness to give affection make them an ideal pet. They can play with children and adults alike because they are not as aggressive as some other breeds of dogs. Initially bred to be members of a pack they even get along well with each other. The male and female are equally pleasant to have around which is not always the case with other breeds. They have a leg up on certain other breeds in another area too.

Health Nuts

Basset hounds lean toward being in a state of excellent health. They are not as prone to the genetic hereditary conditions that can be found in some other breeds. Of course, they are not immune to the possibility of hereditary weaknesses, but these weaknesses are not as common with basset hounds. The one thing that must be done is ensuring that the dog receives enough exercise and proper nutrition. They can experience health problems if allowed to become obese, but this is easily avoidable by keeping a close watch on your dog's weight. Then you can make dietary adjustments and adjustments to his activity level as necessary. Fortunately, basset hounds love activity because they were bred for it.

Natural Born Hunters

Born to be hunting dogs, basset hounds were meant to hunt small game. This includes animals such as rabbits and pheasants. Basset hounds use their powerful sense of smell to help track their prey. Their wrinkled faces can also serve the purpose of helping to hold the scent while the hunt is on. Their legs may not be long, but this aided the hunters who traveled with them to keep up as they sought their quarry. Basset hounds can be a joy to have around for many reasons.

Having a dog is having a relationship you can rely on. A basset hound is a pleasure to have around because they are tolerant of most people and animals, tend to have great health, and are natural born hunters. For these reasons and many more, having a basset hound can contribute to a blessed, happy life.

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Joys Of Owning A Basset Hound
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