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Breeding A Basset Hound

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Gap, PA

Boston Terrier

Many dog owners one day start fantasizing about what it might be like to have a puppy again. The question of breeding when it comes to basset hounds is not one to be taken lightly. You need to be ready to provide an area, to commit vast amounts of time to this endeavor, be willing to deal with noise and mess, be willing to pay any vet bills, and realize that some might not make it. There's more to the story than simply wanting another puppy in the house.

Create A Place

It stands to reason that you will need a place for the breeding to take place. This is simple enough. You just need to set aside an area in your home for the magic to happen. Next, you need to free up more than space.

Make The Time

Breeding basset hounds is an extremely time consuming undertaking. Once you have a litter you need to have at least one person to watch them at all times. From care to playtime, newborn basset hounds require pretty much round the clock attention. This is not only a question of taking up your free time but your work schedule as well. With everything that can and will happen, you need to be there to clean it up.

Lots of Cleaning

You have to clean up after puppies and there will be plenty of puppies to clean up after. Many would argue that one puppy is enough to have your hands full. Now imagine a litter. They also generate a great deal of noise. Initially, it may be delightful to hear these new lives speaking to you, but there may come a day when incessant noise gets a little old.

Pay The Bills

If something goes wrong then you may have to pay vet bills. If you have ever paid vet bills before for a sick dog you know that they can add up fast. In some cases it could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Just be ready for this to happen or possibly the one thing that could be worse.

Prepare For The Worst

Not all puppies survive. It's not fair that something so cute and vulnerable doesn't always grow up healthy and strong, but sadly, that's just how it works. It's best to prepare yourself as best you can for this eventuality before you risk facing it. There is a lot to keep in mind when thinking about breeding basset hounds.

Dog breeding is an involved, complicated, and often rewarding process that should be thoroughly investigated before you proceed. Basset hounds, in the course of breeding, will demand of you a seemingly endless time commitment, a lot of cleanup, possible vet bills, and maybe even facing that not all will make it. It may seem like a lot but when it's right, it's right, and it's worth it to bring more love into the world.

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Breeding A Basset Hound
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