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Basset Hounds and Territory Issues

Filed under Dogs
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Tags: Basset Hound, Behavior

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Some dogs have issues with being territorial, but what about basset hounds? Where do they fall in the continuum? This article will talk about how territorial they are, how breeding affects this, and if the basset hound customarily makes a good watchdog. Let's take a walk through basset hound territory.

Do Basset Hounds Mark Their Territory?

Dogs are known for marking their territory. It's not pleasant for you or your home, but many breeds engage in this activity. Basset hounds, however, are not as aggressive as the males of some other types of dogs. In general, they acclimate well to being in a home with children and even with other pets. They are friendly and enjoy being social. Originally bred to be pack dogs, they thrive on the interaction provided by a group dynamic. They'd rather have company than be left to their lonesome. As for marking their territory, there are one or two exceptions. Basset hounds are more likely to mark their territory if there is another male in the area who has not been neutered. In this case, it can very well happen. There are other things that can change his demeanor as well.

What Does Breeding Change?

Breeding is another story entirely. When breeding, your basset hound may undergo some changes. Not the least of which is that he may become more aggressive to you and other family members. Of course, it all depends on the individual dog, but it is something that you should be aware of. There is also a good chance that he will take up the habit of marking his territory. While these habits may be necessary and even advisable in a less controlled setting it can prove to be a disturbance in the tightly controlled environment of your home. Speaking of your home, is he a good candidate to protect it?

Do Basset Hounds Make Good Watchdogs?

Many dogs function as watchdogs, either officially or unofficially. They greet visitors with the customary round of barking to warn them away in case they present a threatening presence. Many will actually go so far as to defend against intruders. Basset hounds are a little different. They are not aggressive and, therefore, don't make the best watchdogs. They might issue forth a signature low growl as a warning, but this is often the extent of it. Their nature leans toward the congenial so as a watchdog a basset hound probably should not be your first choice.

Dogs are known for delineating their territory through barking and marking but not every dog was born to be constantly proving his dominance over his territory. Basset hounds are usually not very territorial unless they are breeding and aren't the best watchdogs in the world. They are, however, good at being friends.

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Basset Hounds and Territory Issues
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