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Borzoi Training Tricks

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Tags: Borzoi, Training, Obedience

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Respect is the key to any healthy and successful relationship between a dog and his owner. Unfortunately, this is also the most often overlooked part of the relationship. Often, the owner wants so much for the dog to love him, he lets the dog take over the leadership role in the relationship and soon the owner is unknowingly bowing to the dog's every whim. This is a serious problem and it needs to be addressed sooner in the relationship rather than later.

While the Borzoi is not a naturally aggressive dog, he is still a dog and his mindset is that of a pack animal. As such, the Borzoi will, when given the opportunity, assume the leadership of the "pack" and replace the human owner as the boss. Early training for your new Borzoi puppy beginning at 12 to 16 weeks of age is the best way to teach him who truly is in charge.

Take your Borzoi to obedience training classes. Be sure the instructor is not one who tugs on the leash or reprimands the dogs, as Borzoi do not respond well to negative training methods. In fact, the Borzoi can eventually react to negative punishments with aggressiveness or skittish behaviors. You will want to be the one training the dog, and not have the dog trained by a professional trainer. This allows you and your Borzoi important bonding time and creates the healthy, happy relationship he needs.

Since the Borzoi is sensitive to harsh punishments and loud, abusive corrections, the best methods for training him will be positive training methods. Techniques utilizing play-training and treat training will ultimately yield the results you want. Use treats he doesn't get outside training; this will make him more excited to receive his reward. Remember that the Borzoi is an intelligent animal and a fast learner; this means that he gets bored quickly with long training sessions. Try 10 to 15 minute sessions 2 or 3 times every day and use the techniques in his daily routine to reinforce the behaviors.

When you are teaching your Borzoi tricks like "stay", you will need to utilize a release word when he has successfully completed the task. Once the dog has done what you ask of him, give him a treat and immediately release him, saying "okay" or something similar to let him know you are releasing him from the task. When you are training him to "come", use an upbeat, happy tone of voice and reward him with a treat as soon as he reaches you. This teaches him that coming to you is fun and he will like to do it in the future.

The Borzoi puppy grows very quickly and he will go through an awkward period where he will find it difficult to move his body easily. When you are teaching him to lie down or sit, he may have difficulty doing these things quickly during this time. Don't worry - this stage will pass.

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Borzoi Training Tricks
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