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Canaan Dogs

Aliases: Canaan, Kelev K'naani

Canaan Dog For Sale

The Canaan Dog and Its Aggression

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Tags: Canaan Dog, Aggressive, Training

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The Canaan Dog is still a relatively rare breed of dog in the world, especially in some circles. Those that are familiar with the Canaan know what a great family dog, companion, pet, and multi-functional dog they can be. Many have heard stories about the Canaan Dog being aggressive, if not as a puppy then when they are adult dogs.

They probably are born with a larger tendency to become aggressive than other dogs due to the stock of pariah dog they come from. Much of their aggression can be eliminated with proper training at a young age. There are different ways to make sure your Canaan does not become an aggressive dog. It's not a good idea to get an adult Canaan, but if you have no choice, make sure it is enrolled in some sort of training as soon as possible. If you start with a Canaan puppy, the method is still the same. Puppies of this breed need to be socialized with all family members as much as possible. Many new owners give their new puppy "his spot" in the house and try to train him to stay there so he learns where his area of the home is. This is fine for some dog breeds, but not the Canaan, who needs to be around the family as much as possible so they can learn acceptable behavior.

The same is true if you have another animal such as a dog or cat in the house already. The puppy needs to be socialized from day one so he learns he needs to get along with them. It is in their nature to try to dominate, so without socialization and training, your little Canaan will try to dominate.

There is also a certain type of behavior that is customary for the Canaan, and may be considered as aggression to one person but not to another. Because of the breed and its reputation for aggressive behavior, one might assume the Canaan is being aggression without regard for the possible cause, circumstance, or reason.

The Canaan has a certain kind of language that only he and, eventually, his family understand. It is a kind of growling, moaning, or howling. However, it is not aggression. It may be used when they are excited, unhappy, as a greeting, or just to get attention. Until you get used to this "language", you may think your Canaan is becoming aggressive.

Canaan puppies will often play very rough with each other. Fighting and playing is what puppies do with their siblings. It's not aggression - it's normal behavior for puppies. If you do see that things are getting too rough, then you can separate them.

The Canaan dog does go through stages in his life when he will feel insecure or uncertain and may bark. If the dog has been socialized properly with other family members and friends, they will be just fine as adults. The important thing is remembering the difference between expressing themselves and aggression.

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The Canaan Dog and Its Aggression
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