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Canaan Dogs

Aliases: Canaan, Kelev K'naani

Canaan Dog For Sale

The Canaan Dog - Weird Facts Did you Know?

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Tags: Canaan Dog, Weird Facts

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The Canaan Dog got their name from the land of Canaan, where they were first found. The Canaan that we see today is not the same as the one that was first seen and used for breeding by Dr Rudolphina Menzel, a breeding specialist. Today there are still the two different types of Canaan dog. Dr Menzel is the professor that bred the Canaan to be a working dog as well as training them to be Seeing Eye dogs. She also created the Institute for Orientation and Mobility for the Blind, which is where she trained her Canaan dogs.

Did you know the Canaan dog was named after Palestine? Many people aren't aware of this fact. It was Dr Menzel, however, that gave them their name of "Canaan Dog".

When the Canaan is in movement, his tail is used as a means of balance.

The Canaan dog is very talented and creative. They use their paws for as much as they possibly can. They have been known to try to open doors by using their paws as hands. They love solving problems on their own. Even a Canaan that is well trained will occasionally try to do something on their own to solve some problem, even if it means they're getting into trouble with their master!

The Canaan dog is one of the healthier dogs you will find. It is not unusual for a Canaan to never have seen a vet in his life, with the exception of routine visits.

The Canaan was not only used to detect mines, but they were one of the first dogs to be trained for this dangerous job. They were used in World War II as well as the War of Independence.

The Canaan dog is recognized differently by different organizations. The Federation Cynologique recognizes the Canaan as part of the Spitz & Primitive Breeds Group. The American Kennel Club has them registered as part of their herding group. The United Kennel Club has them registered as herding but took them out and put them in the Sighthound & Pariah Dog Group. The Canadian Kennel Club has them in their Working Group. This is further proof that the Canaan dog is not only multi-functional in many roles, but can do them all well.

The Canaan dog will not automatically give devotion to their owner, as some dogs will. The owner has to earn the dog's respect before the Canaan will respond accordingly with protection and devotion.

There is a lot of Canaan-oriented merchandise available online for those that wish to further promote this great breed of dog. The main gait for the Canaan dog is a fast trot, and they are capable of trotting nonstop for hours without getting tired.

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The Canaan Dog - Weird Facts Did you Know?
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