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Cesky Terriers

Aliases: Bohemian Terrier, Czesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier For Sale

Is a Cesky the Right Breed For You?

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Cesky terriers, pronounced "ches-kee", are a rare breed of dog developed in Czechoslovakia by crossing Sealyham terriers and Scottish terriers to produce a hunting terrier lighter in build but solid, not heavy or coarse. They stand ten to twelve inches at the shoulder and weight from sixteen to twenty pounds. The Cesky dog breed did not arrive in this country until the second half of the 1980's, with approximately three hundred Cesky in the United States today. Almost all the original Cesky came from Holland but since then, there are dogs imported from the UK, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Sweden, Germany, and Norway. Breeders in the United States are continuously working to diversify and increase the Cesky gene pool.

The robust, unique, little Cesky terrier with a gentle, kind expression, makes a wonderful pet and great, beloved family addition. Although the Cesky terrier loves all family members, he usually reserves his deepest love and devotion to a single person. Ceskys have a wonderful memory and never forget a person that they like. A gentle, loving, devoted companion, this adorable terrier enjoys and receives great pleasure from being with adults and children. Because of their deep love for their human family, a Cesky terrier hates it when left alone or finds himself excluded from anything. Most Cesky terriers get along well with other family pets such cats, birds, hamsters, and enjoy being around other dogs.

A Ceskys charming character and wonderful appearance gives this rare, unusual breed of dog a style all his own. His temperament is very different from most terriers as he is not as independent or aggressive but remains good-natured, attentive, and calm. He is also more eager to please, responsive, and sensitive than most. The Cesky terrier is very even-tempered, loves to please people and is extremely obedient. He is outgoing, lovable but often reserved and a little wary of people he does not know which makes him a great watchdog.

An adult Cesky terrier is usually a mellow, laid back dog and when indoors is very happy to curl up next to someone he loves on the sofa or bed. Your lovable little Cesky will follow you from room to room, wait at the door when you leave or come in, sit at the bathroom door waiting for you to reappear, and always be in the middle of any excitement going on. When it comes time to play, they lose their couch potato disposition and throw themselves into it, all four paws. They love to show off, act funny, and entertain so be prepared to enjoy yourself. Be very careful with a Ceskys diet as they have a weakness for food and eat whenever they get a chance. They are not above begging and stealing food, which can turn into a very annoying and difficult habit. Once they have a Cesky, most dog owners would not consider any other breed.

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Is a Cesky the Right Breed For You?
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