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Cesky Terriers

Aliases: Bohemian Terrier, Czesky Terrier

Cesky Terrier For Sale

Colors of the Cesky Terrier

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Although they are very rare, with only around three hundred of this breed in the United States today, the Cesky terrier is a dog that you will fall in love with at first sight. He is a sturdy, small little fellow with short legs, long coat, drop ears, and a huge heart. Ceskys are non-aggressive, cheerful, pleasant companions, loving and devoted, making them a terrific family pet. This unique breed of dog loves children and gets along well with other dogs and pets.

The Cesky terriers coat is never harsh or hard but soft, fine but firm, and long with a silky gloss and slight wave. Their coat is not overly thick; they sport a beard, and their eyes largely covered by a fall of hair. All Cesky terrier puppies are born either black or chocolate brown, although chocolate brown is extremely uncommon. Over time, the Cesky puppy's hair lightens but this is a process, which often takes up to two or possibly three years. The extremely rare chocolate brown puppies turn a light coffee brown.

As a Cesky terrier matures, the overall color of the blue-grey dog born black ranges from a deep dark charcoal to a very pale, but not white, platinum. Within the Cesky terriers acceptable blue-grey color range, there is absolutely no color preference. For a show dog, the breed standard allows individual dogs with one or more shades of gray but penalizes dogs over the age of two years if they have a brindle coat. A brindle coat on a Cesky is fur that has a patchy coloring or pattern.

It is acceptable for your Cesky terrier to have shades of lighter/silver gray, off white, or shades of beige under their tail and on the lower part of your dog's legs, stomach, ribcage, neck, and head, but not white markings. The breed standard only allows white on the Ceskys legs, feet, chest, and lower parts of the neck and head although they do accept a white collar on the dogs neck or a tail with a white tip. The most predominant color or colors allowed on this breed are basic gray with white being less than twenty percent of the dogs coat color. The skin on light brown dogs should be pink, and on blue-gray Ceskys, the skin color should be gray. Coats of blue-grey with white on them should have pink skin under the white hair.

The Cesky terrier's deep-set, medium sized eyes are either dark brown or brown in blue-grey dogs and in brown terriers, either yellow or light brown. The eye rims in brown Cesky terriers are liver colored and in blue-gray dogs, black. Brown Cesky terriers have a liver colored nose while blue-gray terriers have a black nose.

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Colors of the Cesky Terrier
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