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Jack Russell Terriers

Aliases: Russell Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier For Sale

Tips For Keeping A Jack Russell Terrier Under Control

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Tags: Jack Russell Terrier, Behavior

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Loaded with energy and ready to go at a moment's notice, the Jack Russell Terrier is a dog many people adore. Learning how to keep these little guys under control isn't always easy, however. Proper schooling for both dog and owner is often required.

An important thing to remember when training your Jack Russell Terrier is that these dogs are hunting dogs by nature. They have been bred that way. Also like any other dog, their genes play an important role in such things as temperament and other characteristics.

These animals are often selected as pets because they are friendly, intelligent, playful and small. Because of this they are often chosen as the family dog for small children. The Frasier Dog, Eddie is portrayed as a docile animal and therefore harmless for children. Yet the truth of the matter is that if a Jack Russell is not trained properly they retaliate by biting, nipping, chewing, digging, and soiling rugs and carpets.

To facilitate easy training, make sure that you get your Jack Russell puppy between 7 weeks and 6 months of age, this way he can become socialized to the entire household at a very young age. Get him used to being patted by everyone in the household. Puppies can be held and made to feel secure but remember your Jack Russell is not a lap dog, and if you are looking for your average family pet, he will not met your expectations.

Housebreaking is important as with any other dog, but even more crucial with a Jack Russell. A bored Jack Russell will not wait until his designated times for going out. Therefore it is essential that a routine is established and kept. You will need to take your pet out after every meal, and then take him out for pure recreation where he can romp and play. However, do not let him off his leash when going on a walk. Jack Russells have a tendency to chase smaller animals and they can seriously hurt them.

Since Jack Russell Terriers are high energy dogs, they needs to release pent up energy and romp, dig, and play. If you have a big back yard your pet can have fun running around in, you're on the right track. Just make sure you have high fences because Jack Russell terriers are notorious escape artists.

Jack Russell Terriers have strong and dominant personalities. They must learn from the beginning that you are the boss. A no command and a firm but not painful grip of the muzzle when they are misbehaving is necessary for behavior training. Be careful not to inflict pain because your Jack Russell may retaliate by biting or nipping.

Jack Russells may suffer from separation anxiety. Never punish our pet when you come home, that will only make his anxiety greater. Instead, create a safe and inviting environment for him while you are away.

Some tips to help you achieve this include:

Exercise him before you go out and make sure he has done his business.
Provide him with enough food and water.
Make sure he has his toys to play with.
Habituate him to your comings and goings by starting off with short periods away from him, (go around the block) and then gradually exceed the duration.
Never make a big deal about leaving or coming back, you want to create as normal an environment as possible.

Though the Jack Russell Terrier can be a stubborn dog, this dog is very intelligence and is trainable.

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Tips For Keeping A Jack Russell Terrier Under Control
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