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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi That Is Overweight

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Tags: Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Feeding, Health, Health Problems

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi is prone to obesity. They need to have plenty of exercise and proper diet to maintain an ideal weight. If your Corgi becomes overweight, they will be susceptible to health problems. The puppy needs to have a place to be active such as outside in a medium sized yard. Even though they do need exercise, they should not be overworked. They have small legs and the distance they travel is double that of a larger dog in the same distance. They do need to walk, run and play, but when they are done that should be it for a while.

Exercising And The Weather

You should avoid excessive exercise in extreme hot or cold weather. Minimum exercise during the colder or hot weather will be just fine to control the weight of a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. When the weather is mild, they can do more exercising without any potential health risks. You do have to remember to provide plenty of water during the day so they can refresh themselves periodically.

Proper Diet

The Welsh Corgi should have a meal in the morning, afternoon and at dinner. This is when they will become accustomed to eating and as long as you do not feed table scraps in between feedings, you should help with keeping your little dog healthy and from becoming overweight. You can feed your dog food that is recommended by the breeder or by the vet.

What To Do For An Overweight Dog

If you notice your Pembroke Welsh Corgi becoming a little heavier, you need to place them on a diet and do some exercising with them. It may be as simple as taking them for a daily walk or going to a dog park to run around and play. These dogs do well in apartments, but do need somewhere to run and play. It is very important to keep them healthy and in the right weight range.

Corgi's are a people person dog and if you sit around the house and do not do any type of physical exercise or move around a lot, your dog will do the same as you. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi needs to be in a home with plenty of action. They are bred from a line of active dogs, therefore, having plenty of things to do is vital for them physically and mentally.

Stimulation And Your Overweight Welsh Corgi

If you keep your Corgi stimulated, they will stay healthy and keep their weight in a proper range. Give them something to do rather than just laying around the house. If you are gone to work, something such as a ball or another dog toy may keep them busy and active. If you do not have time to exercise them, or your yard is not big enough, you could invest in a doggie treadmill for the little one. This may sound absurd, but it can help keep them fit and healthy. Many dog owners have one because they cannot get out enough with the dog.

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The Pembroke Welsh Corgi That Is Overweight
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