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Aliases: Chinese Pug, Pug dog, Dutch Mastiffs, Mopshond, Carlin

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Pug Dogs: Good For City Life?

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People like to have companionship in the form of pets no matter where they live, but are all pets suited to all settings? Specifically, are pug dogs suited to life in the city? To answer that we have to look at the fact that they are indoor dogs, their ability to tolerate heat, and amount of attention they need. This article will take a look at all three.

Indoor Dogs

Pugs are indoor dogs. On the city issue this can take you either way. If you don’t mind having your pug dog inside your apartment all day long then this fact can work to your advantage. Pugs are meant to be indoors unless closely supervised. They do, of course, need some exercise but nothing extreme. They are not built for excessively long walks. This, too, can work to your advantage. Without the need for yard to play in all day, pugs seem like ideal city dwellers.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Pugs cannot tolerate heat. During any warmer times of year they even require air conditioning. The temperatures inside apartments climb as the temperature outside rises, and this can spell disaster for pugs. If you're willing to have your air conditioning on all the time to keep your pug cool then a pug can be fine in the city. Going outside on hot days, however, is risky business because your pug can't stand the heat, and the concrete and asphalt doesn't stay very cool. This can limit your options when you pair it with the next point regarding this breed.

Attention, Please

Pugs need a lot of attention. This may be less of a city issue, but it is still a major consideration. It all depends on how busy you are made by city life. If you live in the city so that you can be out and about all the time then a pug would not make a good city dog. They are not meant to be left alone for extended periods. Pugs thrive on attention and need you to give it to them. If you are not drawn out constantly by all the things to do in the city or if you plan your life around what will be as much fun for your pug as it is for you then it could work beautifully. If not, you may want to reconsider a pug as your ideal dog for the city.

Dogs are a man's best friend, but is the city a pug's best environment? Many factors come into play such as the pug's need to stay indoors, his inability to deal with high temperatures, and his need for attention. It can all work if you're willing to work at it.

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Pug Dogs: Good For City Life?
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