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Aliases: Chinese Pug, Pug dog, Dutch Mastiffs, Mopshond, Carlin

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Preventing Allergies In Pugs

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Tags: Pug, Health, Health Problems

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Pug dogs, like humans, can have allergies. Learning to avoid allergens and deal with these allergies is an essential part of keeping your pug happy. Some of the basics things to watch out for include chocolate, allergies to food and chemicals, and seasonal allergies. Being vigilant of allergies in your pug goes way beyond just allergy season.

The Chocolate Free Diet

Pug dogs are allergic to chocolate. Aside from causing some discomfort, chocolate is actually toxic to these little guys. This is not just a matter of health problems due to weight gain or sugar. Consumption of chocolate can lead to the absolute worst. It is so toxic to pugs that chocolate can actually kill them. Chocolate may be heaven to us, but it's poison to them. Keep chocolate away from your pug dog at all costs. Some people may think it's harmless to have a little bit, but rest assured. It's not.

Allergies To Foods And Chemicals

These are not specific allergies. They can develop over time due to exposure to certain foods or chemicals present in the pug's environment. These allergies are much harder to pin down because they can develop in response to what seems like almost anything. The point here is to always be aware of your dog's health and if any problems arise to, of course after you take him to the veterinarian, look for any patterns. Does your dog tend to get sick after visiting a certain place or eating a certain food? Paying attention can help you narrow down the cause more quickly and get your little friend back to health much faster.

Seasonal Allergies

Like humans, pug dogs can have seasonal allergies. They are no walk in the park for either group so it is good to take care of the symptoms as soon as possible so that your pug can be as comfortable as possible. Otherwise your dog can get itchy as well as displaying other symptoms. The best course of action is to get to a veterinary dermatologist who can assess the symptoms and formulate an appropriate plan to treat them. This can include antihistamines, special shampoos, or even steroids. The point is to get these symptoms taken care of so you can both get back to life.

Allergies can be a big problem with pugs if for no other reason than they are not always identified quickly. These allergies can include chocolate, allergies to what they eat and what they come into contact with during the day, and regular seasonal allergies. By being vigilant you can take care of these allergies and put a stop to them as soon as possible. You may even save your pug's life.

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Preventing Allergies In Pugs
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