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Aliases: Chinese Pug, Pug dog, Dutch Mastiffs, Mopshond, Carlin

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Pug: Weird Facts/Did You Know?

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Tags: Pug, Weird Facts

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Every breed of dog has attributes that are rather unique to that breed. These details are often interesting and help to set breeds apart. Pug dogs, for example, shed a lot, are susceptible to certain medical problems, and have an aversion to heat. This article will take a look at these random facts about pugs that you may now have known before.


For a small dog with such a short coat, pugs shed a lot. Their hairs tend to end up all over the house which is almost impressive for a dog that tends to be only around a foot tall. On the bright side, the coat is relatively easy to care for. Weekly brushing is usually sufficient to maintain a clean and well groomed appearance. Other than this, shedding and a generous amount of pug dog hair are just a fact of life for owners. It's just a lot of hair for such a little guy.

Medical Problems

Different breeds are prone to different medical problems. Pugs have their fair share of such conditions. They can have an elongated soft palate which can require surgery because the lengthy palate can come to block the pug's airway and inhibit breathing. Pugs are vulnerable to a litany of eye problems as well because of their pronounced, vulnerable eyes. These can include anything from a scratch or this type of physical injury to generalized progressive retinal atrophy and pigmentary kerinitis. Pugs can also have stenotic nares. This is a fancy way of saying the nostrils may not be large enough to let in adequate air or the cartilage of the nose may not be strong enough to maintain the airway. This, too, can require surgery.

An Aversion To Heat

Another attribute of pug dogs is their aversion to heat. They just cannot take it. Pug owners need to have air conditioning to keep pugs healthy when temperatures start to climb. This is a serious matter with pugs that can lead to illness or even death. This also has to be taken into consideration when the pug is outside supervised. They can overheat quickly and may not seek out shade when they do. Because of this, they require close supervision outdoors. A few hours, or less depending on the heat, can spell disaster. This sensitivity is something all owners of pugs have to be aware of because it can mean the difference between life and death.

All dogs have qualities that are special to that breed. Pug dogs bring with them a lot of hair, a predisposition toward several medical issues, and an inability to tolerate heat. Now you know a few things about pugs that you may not have known before, facts that could save a pug's life or at least prepare you for extra housekeeping.

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Pug: Weird Facts/Did You Know?
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