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Toy Poodles

Aliases: Tea Cup poodle

Toy Poodle For Sale

Is The Toy Poodle A Good Show Dog?

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Dog shows have increased in popularity in recent years, but what does it take to make a good show dog? Is the toy poodle a good show dog? This article will explain how toy poodles make good show dogs because of their high intelligence and their outgoing yet calm demeanor.

He's a Smart One

There are many qualities that go into making a dog a good show dog. Intelligence is a very important quality for any breed entering a competition, and the toy poodle has intelligence in spades. These small dogs can learn to do just about anything. They were bred from poodles which have been put to work in a variety of ways over time. They have been therapy dogs, circus dogs, cart pullers, and have assisted in just about every other task they were put to. Despite their appearance, they have even been employed a shunting dogs. Similarly, toy poodles specifically are fast learners. Being easy to train makes them ideal for dog shows because they can learn skills quickly and, once learned, time can be spent refining those skills for the big competition day. Beyond mere intelligence is the fact that members of this breed are eager to please and, therefore, gladly work with their owners to prepare for shows. This is especially helpful when working with obedience but also applicable to field trials, agility, and other forums.

Friendly But Not Too Friendly

Dogs that compete in dog shows must impress and, many would say, connect with the judges. Toy poodles do just this. Their outgoing yet appropriately reserved personalities contain just the right amount of sociability to catch a judge's eyes without being the least bit hyperactive or out of control. This air of dignity serves toy poodles well in the competition because they are able to project a feeling of class and refinement. Calm and steady, they portray a patient and effortlessly self-controlled image that impresses any onlookers who have not beheld the majesty of the well-trained toy poodle before. The amusing aspects of his personality can also come into play when trying to win over anyone's heart. It is this unique combination of attributes that comes together to make the toy poodle such a great competitor in dog shows. Put simply, toy poodles are friendly but not too friendly.

Competition in the form of dog shows has gained more attention in recent years, and that makes one wonder what it takes to make a good show dog. Toy poodles are good show dogs because of their remarkable intelligence and their social yet controlled personalities. Toy poodles not only make good competitors but have the very qualities that can help them win.

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Is The Toy Poodle A Good Show Dog?
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