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The Guardian: An Anatolian Shepherd Overview

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Tags: Anatolian Shepherd, Guard Dog, Working Dog, Family Breeds

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Gap, PA


The Anatolian Shepherd was bred to be the guardian over the livestock and watch the grounds around for potential dangers. The breeding of these dogs for work has made them a typical work dog that does not have a desire to play. Even as a puppy, the Anatolian Shepherd will remain alert and watchful of everything going on around them. They will not be overly friendly, which makes them a nice pet for someone looking for companionship with little need for playtimes. The large dog breed will warm up to a new owner and become a very lovable dog.

The Protector

The guardian as they are referred to will protect the family and other animals in the home. They spend their days watching for every little movement and are there to protect and serve. They are not going to play, as it will take away from their instinct to be a guardian and protect. You will not have to do any special training in order for the Anatolian Shepherd to guard you and your property. This is a natural instinct that all Anatolians have from birth on. The breed comes from Turkey were they actually guarded the sheep. They protected them just as they would you.

The Working Dog

Understand that the Anatolian Shepherd is not a herding dog, they are a working dog that guards the flock or the family. In the day when they were used in Turkey, they were sometimes left for months at a time in the mountains guarding the flock. They were dependent on their own instincts to find food to survive. As far as the Anatolian ever running away, you are not going to have that problem since they will stay and watch over you and never leave the area. They are true to their responsibilities.

Children, Strangers and Other Animals

If you have children, the Anatolian will protect them and be very careful to follow them and guard. The unfortunate thing behind this behavior is that other children may not be welcomed into your home or yard. The Anatolian is not fond of strangers, as they will stand guard watching for any wrong movement or gesture that could harm their owners. If they are raised with other animals from an early age, they will protect other animals as well. Intruders will be dealt with in a manner that might be harsh. They will attack and release, but if the intruder does not run away, they will keep attacking until they leave.

The large dog is a guardian of their home and owners and sometimes can be a bit overbearing as well as stubborn. These are not character flaws, but one that has made this bred so powerful and interesting for people wanting a mild looking dog that no one suspects would attack. If you are looking for a true companion that will protect you and love you, the Anatolian Shepherd is the perfect dog. They do not need a lot of exercise, since their primary goal is to stand or lay while guarding their domain.

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The Guardian: An Anatolian Shepherd Overview
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