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Anatolian Shepherds

Aliases: Coban Kopegi, Karabas, Perro de pastor de Anatolia, Anatolischer Hirtenhund, Chien de berger d'Anatolie, Kangal Dog, Karabash

Anatolian Shepherd For Sale

Obedience Training Your Anatolian Shepherd

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Obedience training is vital for any breed, but for the Anatolian Shepherd it is almost a necessity. Since this breed is a natural protector and guardian, they need more training to overcome some of their basic instincts. The number one instinct they have is to chase away other animals from their territory. Although they accept other family animals, they will show protection by barking and chasing the predator. This includes people as well, which can become a problem if left unattended.

Start Training at Six Months

At the age of six months, you can safely take your puppy to an obedience class for interaction with other dogs and learn some manners. Before the class starts, you should have taught your Anatolian Shepherd the basic commands of sit, stay, come, and lie down. This will only help with the next step of training.

Obedience training is essential for your puppy if they are going to learn respect and manners. An untrained dog of this size can become uncontrollable as they grow if they do not know you are the boss. They will protect you, but with proper training, they will learn to socialize with other dogs and people and not become a threat when people visit or they encounter people or other dogs on a walk.

Continue Training Until You Are Satisfied

You should continue training with your Anatolian Shepherd until you are completely comfortable that they have succeeded in learning. Keep in mind that this Shepherd is stubborn and it may take longer than usual to train. They can have memory lapses and forget what they are supposed to learn if you do not work with them every day. It is not that they are forgetful but they will revert to what is instinct if you do not keep up with the practices; you want them to learn and stay consistent.

What to Expect After Training

After you complete the obedience training, your Anatolian Shepherd will know the basic commands, not jump on people, get along with other dogs and people as well as stay off furniture if that is your requirement and they will learn to bark only when necessary.

Because these dogs only move at one speed, you do not want to overdo any training. When you are training and practicing what you learned in class, do not do it more than three times in one session. The Anatolian does become bored easily and will stop responding to anything you say or try to do. Keep the sessions down to an hour if possible.

Once you have trained your dog, you can expect to learn as well. You will learn by their body movements that they have a problem. It may be with an animal that comes onto your property or a stranger. With training, you have learned ways to avoid potential problems. The Anatolian Shepherd will only make eye contact with a predator or stranger when they are demanding they leave. You can train to be able to use a command to distract them before they attack.

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Obedience Training Your Anatolian Shepherd
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