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The Beauceron on the Job

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Tags: Beauceron, Working Dog, Herding, Service Dogs

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Norcross, GA

Yorkshire Terrier

The Beauceron is bred to be primarily a working dog. He loves to work and needs to have a job to do! He has many talents that bode well for many different jobs for him to do.

The Beauceron is talented in herding animals. He is useful in tracking. He is a fabulous watchdog. He is extremely proficient in guarding. He is exemplary in police work. He is a dedicated soldier in military work.

He is still used as a herder and a guard dog. He is to be considered a serious working dog. In his rustic setting, he is required to move up to 30 miles every day. He will act as a "living fence", while moving around a flock or herd.

The Beauceron is a shepherd, but he is not a gatherer. It will not work in the same way as a collie and if you are expecting that, you will be sorely disappointed. The Beauceron in known as a Continental herder and it must be trained to perform the chores of herding. It will not naturally go out and herd sheep or cattle around a pen. It has an affinity for these jobs, but it will not gather a herd or flock instinctively. Luckily, this dog is intelligent and eager to please his master, so this can be accomplished without great difficulty.

In both World Wars, the Beauceron played a very important role. The military used them in many different ways. They were key in running messages across the battle. They were used to detect mines and pick up trails. They were of great support in commando operations and missions. They found the wounded soldier. They carried ammunition and food to the front lines of battle. The Beauceron bravely performed its duties without regard for its personal safety. It was not deterred by artillery fire or exploding bombs. It was merely focused on completing the job it was given to do.

The Beauceron is still used today by both the French police and the army. It has proven itself over and over in whatever task it is given.

In the United States, the Beauceron was used in Search and Rescue missions after the infamous terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. There was a Beauceron who received an award for his heroism during this time of trouble and turmoil. The dog was equipped with a small camera around its neck. It climbed in many areas of rubble that its human counterparts could not get to looking for signs of life. It relentlessly searched and prodded until it found something to report. It would then alert its handler and then patiently wait for them to respond. Then it would be off again, searching and tracking signs of potential life in order to deliver aid and hope.

In whatever job the Beauceron is assigned, you can count on it performing to the best of its abilities. It is a dedicated servant and relentless in the pursuit of a job well done.

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The Beauceron on the Job
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