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Belgian Malinois

Aliases: Malinois, Chien de Berger Belge, Belgian Shepherd Malinois

Belgian Malinois For Sale

Do I Have the Right Living Environment for a Belgian Malinois?

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Tags: Belgian Malinois, Exercise, Grooming

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Henderson, CO


The Belgian Malinois is a wonderful dog for those who have the space and time for him. He needs a lot of exercise, so he needs to have a place to burn his energy. This can be anywhere, but for this breed it is preferable that the owner is there to take part in the exercise time with the dog.

This dog's exercise needs can be partially, but not completely, met with the space of a large, fenced-in backyard. The dog can go outside and romp with your children or with you, and he will have used up some of his incredible supply of energy. However, he will still need more exercise. It is beneficial if you also have a park nearby or live in a neighborhood where you can walk your Belgian Malinois.

If you have a home where you do not want to have a dog living, you should not get a Belgian Malinois. The Belgian Malinois cannot live happily outside all the time even though he loves being outside. If you are looking for a dog to live in a kennel in your backyard, the Belgian Malinois is not for you.

If your home is large enough to accommodate the Belgian Malinois's energy and his medium size, then you should have a happy dog. But if you have many valuable things, you will want to be sure you exercise him enough. The Belgian Malinois will become destructive in your home if left alone for extended periods of time, or if his energy is not spent doing useful and fun activities.

You also need to have the time to spend with your Belgian Malinois. If you work 10 hour days, or if you are often away on weekends or during the evenings, you should find a different dog breed to purchase. The Belgian Malinois cannot live happily alone; he needs the companionship of his owner.

For homes where the furniture and carpet are expensive or for those people who do not want a dog that sheds a lot, the Belgian Malinois is not a good choice. This dog does have short hair, but unfortunately he sheds profusely about twice a year. There is a copious amount of hair that is lost at the change of seasons, so this should be taken into consideration before you purchase your Belgian Malinois.

The Belgian Malinois can live in any environment where he is loved and has access to his master. He needs plenty of exercise and will not thrive living outdoors. He can live in an apartment, though this is not a great idea for any dog of his size. The dog loves to be outside, so he does need access to the outdoors. Also, since he needs to play and run, he should be housed with a family who has a fenced backyard.

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Do I Have the Right Living Environment for a Belgian Malinois?
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