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Wire Fox Terriers

Aliases: Fox Terrier Wire Coat, Wire, Wire Haired Fox Terrier, Foxie

Wire Fox Terrier For Sale

The Wire Fox Terrier: Is This The Dog for You?

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Tags: Wire Fox Terrier, Family Breeds, Fox Terrier (Wire)

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The Wire Fox Terrier, although bred to chase foxes, is a very loyal, intelligent, and loving pet. Many homes have this wonderful dog as a member of their household.

If you are contemplating getting a Wire Fox Terrier for a family pet, you should be aware of their high energy level and tendency to get into things, whether they are puppies or adult dogs. As a puppy, they are cute little bundles of joy that are friendly and very active. They love chasing balls and playing Frisbee and digging. As they grow up, they don't really change much except that they are now bigger.

Many owners describe raising them as the same as raising a child - they are a lot of fun, but a lot of work and always challenging. Their personality is also described as cocky and almost arrogant, always feeling they know best and will dictate what is going to happen or not happen. Whereas some dogs walk around lacking self-confidence, the Wire Fox Terrier is very confident of himself.

They require a lot of attention and do best with family members that are willing to spend time with them, whether playing, training, or just being together. If your family consists of adults and kids that are gone most of the time, the Wire Fox Terrier is probably not the best dog for your family. They thrive on spending time with their family and are very loving, loyal, and protective of them. They are perfectly content spending time together on the couch being a couch potato for a great portion of the time as long as they are with you.

They are a dog, however, that needs firm and consistent training at a young age to avoid many of the bad habits they tend to have bred in them such as digging, excess barking, and chasing other animals. They will get along with other animals you may already have in your house with proper socialization at a young age and firm discipline. Because they were bred to chase prey, they will always have this drive in them to chase smaller animals such as cats, smaller dogs, or wild animals outdoors. Although they respond best to positive reinforcement, the reinforcement needs to be consistent.

The Wire Fox Terrier is also a dog that needs a lot of room outside to run around. They don't do very well in a small apartment. If left outside, they should be in a fenced yard or they will go chasing the minute your back is turned. They will find many neighborhood pets that they feel should be chased and caught by them.

They are great with children especially older children that they have grown up around and love to spend hours with them. They are a fairly healthy animal that can live up to 15 years. Before you go and get a Wire Fox Terrier, make sure you have the room, time, and desire to devote to this dog so you can form a lasting bond together.

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The Wire Fox Terrier: Is This The Dog for You?
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