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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs: The Thinking Guard Dog

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Tags: Alapha Blue Blood Bulldogs, Training, Guard Dog, Service Dogs

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Homestead, FL

American Bulldog

Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are quite rare; not everyone agrees on a number, but some reports indicate that there are presently less than two hundred Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs in the world. That being said, there is enough information on these rare dogs to piece together some important facts about the personality of the breed. While there are some disagreements about its history or its standard, everyone agrees that these dogs have remarkable temperaments. Often described as protective, one interesting facet of its temperament stands out: its ability to pause and reflect before acting. This lends credence to the idea that Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are not just guard dogs, but thinking guard dogs.

Fanciers of Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs claim that these dogs descend from the plantation guard dogs that lived and worked on plantations in and around the Alapaha River region of Southern Georgia. Those plantation dogs worked in a wide variety of capacities in those days; some of their tasks included working as "catch dogs" for cattle and pigs, hunting with their masters or protecting family and property. As you can imagine, these versatile dogs had to be capable of understanding each task and performing them without distraction.

Today, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs are said to have retained their intelligence and loyalty to their families. It is because of their high intelligence and their high trainability that these dogs are natural thinking guard dogs. While it is true that they won't hesitate for a moment if they perceive that their family or property is in danger, in most cases they tend to pause and take the time to reflect before reacting to a situation, as if they are thinking through the consequences of their actions or gauging the potential threat of an oncoming presence.

On the other hand, Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs do tend to be suspicious of strangers, although they will relent when they see that their handlers welcome the newcomers. Much of this behavior can be lessened with obedience training and socialization very early in the puppy's life. Training for the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog can start as early as two months of age with commands such as sit, stay and come. Taking an obedience class or a "puppy kindergarten" is also a good idea, particularly if you've never owned a dog of this type before. Socialization is the act of making your dog comfortable around other people and dogs. This can be done easily simply by taking your Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog on walks, to the park, or other social situations where the dog can begin to understand the cues that people give when they mean no harm, so he can spot the difference when a potential threat is on the doorstep.

If you're thinking of adopting a guard dog that can keep a cool head and won't lash out without good reason, the Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog may be the right choice for you. Thanks to their loyalty, natural protection instincts and high intelligence, these dogs truly merit the title of Thinking Guard Dog.

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Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldogs: The Thinking Guard Dog
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