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Bloodhound Weird Facts/Did You Know

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Famous Movie and Television Bloodhounds

The Beverly Hillbillies' Bloodhound Duke was portrayed as a lazy dog that just lies around all day. This is not like the breed at all, they are full of energy for the most part. The first Bloodhound to play the part was named Stretch who retired at the age of thirteen when a younger version took over the role of Duke. Stretch was also in the movie "No Time for Sergeants".

A Bloodhound named Samantha played in the movie "Amos & Andy" as well as "Dave's World".

In the movie "Best in Show" there was a Bloodhound named Hubert that had a recurring role in the movie. In the movie, "The Borrowers" a Bloodhound named Mr. Smelly played a part.

Two females played the Bloodhound named Buddy in the movie "Cats & Dogs" by the names of Maggie and Daisy.

Other movies that had Bloodhounds as part of the cast were "Cool Hand Luke", "C.S.I.-Crime Scene Investigation" and "The Day After". These dogs have made a name for themselves in the movie industry and as you know, these Bloodhounds had different parts reflecting different characteristics of the breed.

Interesting Facts

The Bloodhound was first used in England for Law Enforcement in 1805. They were used to track thieves and poachers.

If you plan to show your Bloodhound, you need to discuss this with the breeder since not all Bloodhounds are bred for show, they are also bred for tracking.

The U.S Court of Law allows evidence in courts that is recovered with the help of a Bloodhound; this is the only breed of dog the court recognizes.

A Bloodhound's heartbeat is between seventy and one hundred twenty beats per minute whereas a human's is about seventy to eighty times per minute.

Two other names that the Bloodhound has been called are Chien de St. Hubert and St. Hubert Hound.

It is said that a bear's sense of smell is actually seven times stronger than what a Bloodhound's is and they use it to stay away from danger and to find mates.

The Bloodhound actually took its current name from the "blue bloods" who acquired an interest in the breed. It has been said William the Conqueror brought the Bloodhound to Britain in 1026 from Belgium where they originated.

It is advised that if you have a Bloodhound, you need to keep them in a fenced in yard as they have a need to sniff the ground and follow smells, which leads them astray. They will not purposely run away, it is just a natural instinct for them to always put their nose to the ground and follow a scent that intrigues them.

These are just some of the interesting and strange facts about Bloodhounds They can be used for so many different tracking duties and for drug sniffing as well. Famous for its role as a scent hound, the breed will stay around for years to come.

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Bloodhound Weird Facts/Did You Know
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