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Toy Manchester Terriers

Aliases: English Toy Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier For Sale

Choosing a Toy Manchester for the Family

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THESE PUPS WILL BE SMALL AS ADULTS!!! They are family raised, with small children, very well socialized and get along well with other pets. Meet both …


Gap, PA

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Toy Manchester Terrier would not make a great pet for everyone so it is important for families to not only evaluate themselves but also understand the basic characteristics of the Toy Manchester. As a family, do you have an active lifestyle full of outdoor activities or are you more of the housebound, indoor type? Do you have patience and a sense of humor with the need to give love and feel love? If so, then you are probably a great candidate for a Toy Manchester Terrier.

Physical Attributes

The Toy Manchester Terrier is small, 8 to 12 inches tall and can weigh from 8 to 12 pounds. However, unlike other toy breeds, the Manchester is not a lap dog; he likes to play and be active but doesn't appreciate small grabby children. Therefore, a family with older children, around 8 years of age and up, would be best suited.

These dogs have a classically sleek body with a sturdiness that hints at its athleticism. Their coat is a short and glossary black and tan color. The good news is that Manchesters do not really shed so they make a great pet for a family with allergies.

Activity and Character Traits

Manchesters love playing and need to be active. They are curious, love to chase and digging is fun for them. Therefore, a family needs to be prepared to take their Toy Manchester Terrier out for walks daily and always keep him on the leash to prevent chasing or hunting. The family's yard must be fenced in and the fence must be high enough to prevent jumping. In addition, because of the Manchester's penchant for digging, burying wire mesh fencing in the ground will stifle his curiosity and the chance of escape.

Toy Manchester Terriers are devoted to their family and while lovable to most everyone in the family, they typically latch onto one person in particular. They have a need to protect their families, so Manchesters will bark at strangers and other living creatures that cross into their territory. They make great watchdogs but will require obedience training to curb their tendency to bark at anything and everything.

While Toy Manchester Terriers are active and love to chase and hunt, they are also creatures of comfort. Therefore, families who get a Manchester should not be surprised to find a canine visitor in their bed one night burrowing a tunnel under the covers. However, this tendency can be curbed with their own cushy bed and toys to keep them occupied. These dogs work best when they are the sole pet of the family or they have a Manchester companion who is of the opposite sex. They can be trained to accept other dogs as well.

The Toy Manchester Terrier can make an excellent pet for an active family who has the patience for his lovable, physical play. To thoroughly enjoy his good-natured antics, his family should invest in training to help channel that exuberance and enhance his watchdog qualities. The best option for a family is to adopt a young Toy Manchester Terrier because these dogs adapt to families best when integrated at a young age.

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Choosing a Toy Manchester for the Family
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