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Toy Manchester Terriers

Aliases: English Toy Terrier

Toy Manchester Terrier For Sale

Showing your Toy Manchester Terrier to Its Best Advantage

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Tags: Toy Manchester Terrier, Show, AKC Conformation

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If you are a new Toy Manchester Terrier owner and you plan to have your dog compete in dog shows, you must become familiar with the standards of perfection that are established for your dog's breed. Now keep in mind that the list can be quite long and no one dog is absolutely perfect. However, it is the goal of many breeders to work on those imperfections in order to raise a more perfect dog with their next born litter of pups.

From the Neck Up

In the Toy Manchester Terrier, the correct ear posture is naturally erect with a wide base that tapers upward to a pointed tip. Ears that are not positioned up on the skull or are flaring or cup-shaped are considered imperfections.

The neck of your Manchester Toy Terrier should be arched ever so slightly and have graceful slim lines. The neck should not be overly long and it should blend seamlessly into the shoulders. The skin on its head appears almost stretched because the head is narrow and long. The forehead of your Manchester is virtually flat and should have a barely discernible groove which visually splits the face into two almost wedge-shaped pieces.

The muzzle of your Toy Manchester Terrier should be just about as long as the skull with no apparent muscles in the cheek area. In this area, under the jaw in particular, it should look sculpted with fine definition. The jaws with their strong white teeth should clamp down in a scissor-like movement. The nose of the Manchester is black.

Upper/Front Half Area

One thing about the Toy Manchester Terrier is that there are several body parts that are always relatively in proportion and the upper arm area and shoulder blades are two of them. The distance is virtually the same from the elbow area to the ground as it is from the withers to the elbow. Also, the elbows should be close in to the meaty part of the chest area called the brisket.

The Manchester has a narrow chest between its front legs and has a deep brisket area. There is some nice definition to the chest area along with a nicely formed rib cage with enough room for the forelegs. Thanks to its first Whippet ancestors, your Toy Manchester Terrier has a barely discernible arch to its topline. If the back is swayed or flat, your Manchester could lose point in competition.

The forelegs are of equal length with a sturdy presence under the meaty area of the chest. The pasterns, the "bend" area of the leg where it meets the paw, are almost angled and should bear a patch of black coat that looks whorled but the rest of the foreleg should have a light brown or tan color.

The Rest of the Dog

The thighs should display defined musculature with well-proportioned lengths. The hocks on the back legs (they look like elbows) should be straight as viewed from behind. If they looked turned in to each other, your Toy Manchester Terrier would lose points in competition. The tummy area should be nicely tucked in with a nice segue into the brisket area or meaty part of the chest.

The tail should be tapered, not overly long and have an ever so slight upturn of the tail. In addition, the telltale brown color should run under the tail as well inside the ear and along parts of the muzzle area. Overall, your Toy Manchester Terrier should be a bit longer than it is tall, typically 7 to 12 inches in height. For weight, the Toy Manchester should weigh no more that 12 pounds and be height-weight proportionate.

Dog shows are very competitive so you should familiarize yourself with the various rules and regulations. By knowing which physical attributes judges look for, you can showcase your Toy Manchester Terrier to its best advantages.

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Showing your Toy Manchester Terrier to Its Best Advantage
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