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Norwich Terriers

Aliases: Jones Terrier, Cantab Terrier

Norwich Terrier For Sale

Showing Norwich Terriers

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Tags: Norwich Terrier, Show, AKC Conformation

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After coming to the decision that a Norwich terrier is definitely the furry addition that your family needs, you'll also have to consider whether you have any intention of breeding and/or showing your dog, or if you're simply looking for a lovable companion. If companionship is all you're interested in, then it is highly recommended that you ask around at shelters or rescue organizations to find an adult or puppy Norwich in need of a good home. If, however, you're seriously considering showing your Norwich, then it's a good idea to find a reputable breeder from which you can purchase a puppy.

The American Kennel Club and the NNTC website are excellent resources to find Norwich breeders. Good breeders will make sure to give their puppies healthy environments and will provide constant veterinary care and exams to adults and puppies to ensure the health of individuals and of the breed. Since Norwich terriers have such small litters, often one or two pups at a time, puppy prices can get very high. You'll most likely never find a Norwich puppy for less than $800, and some puppy prices range in the thousands!

In order for your dog to be a good show dog, it must conform to the breed standard, a set of characteristics that represent the ideal dog for that breed. You can find these characteristics on the American Kennel Club's website. According to the breed standard, a Norwich must display a fox-like expression, must be relatively stocky, have an almost completely weatherproof coat and must have good bone structure. Since the breed was originally created for hunting vermin, judges will accept dogs that display trophy hunting scars. As far as height goes, judges look for terriers that are not taller than 10 inches at the withers, while the height from the top of the withers and the length from the withers to the tail base should be roughly the same. Ideal Norwich weight is about 12 pounds, though judges will look for weight in relation to an individual dog's structure; what's important is that the dog looks in shape for the job it was created to do.

The eyes of the ideal Norwich should be dark, have black rims and shaped like ovals. Ears should not be too large nor too small, and should be completely upright when alert. The dog should have a wedge-shaped muzzle, with a scissor bite and a broad, rounded skull. There should be a long, strong neck with a deep chest that has a level topline and a short back. Judges look for short, powerful front legs and broad, muscular back legs, while feet should be somewhat round and resemble cat feet. Docking of the tail is accepted, though not required, and if the Norwich tail is docked, it should be docked to half its length to be officially admissible in the ring; whether docked or not, the tail should be set high and carried straight up. A characteristic of the Norwich terrier, its coat should be wiry and hard, found above a thick undercoat. Coat hair must form a ruff around the neck, while being smooth and short on the head. White is an undesirable color for a Norwich coat, while all others, such as red, grizzle, tan, black, or wheaten, are desirable.

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Showing Norwich Terriers
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