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Aliases: Dutch Barge Dog, Smiling Dutchman, Chien Loup, German Spitz, Wolfsspitz, Deutscher Wolfsspitz, Kees

Keeshond For Sale

Living In A House With A Keeshond

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The Keeshond does very well living in any sized home. They are a known protector of their domain. They alert you to intruders and make for an ideal companion. Their instinct to protect and guard the home is natural more than it is taught. They are beautiful furry little dogs not weighing much more than thirty-five pounds. They are, however, a dominant dog and like to have control. They accomplish this with their eye contact and their movements. Keeshonds are known to protect, but if you as their owner accepts someone into the house, they will accept this as well.

Shedding is an Issue

The Keeshond will shed their undercoat twice a year and it usually lasts up to three weeks. This can be a problem if your dog lives and sleeps on the furniture. You will need to place a cover on furniture in order to protect your furniture from becoming embedded with fur. You will also need to vacuum daily. This only happens six weeks a year, which is not bad for a dog with so much fur. They do shed fur here and there the rest of the year, but not as bad as during shedding season.

The Keeshond Prefers the House

The Keeshond prefers to be where its family is; if you spend your day in the house, then chances are your dog will be inside as well. They are like pack dogs - you are their pack and they prefer to be with you and not by themselves. They will go outside to run, go to the bathroom, and play a little, but after that, they are back in the house if that is where you are found. They crave affection and love to lie next to you in the room you are in at the time.

Room Is Not a Problem

Owning a Keeshond does not require needing a large amount of room. They are a small dog breed and can curl up anywhere. The only one that may need more room is you as the owner, since they do love to follow you around and make sure you are okay all the time. They have a desire to be with you and the smaller house is just as good as a larger house. They are well behaved and can be housebroken quickly as they have a need to please you.

If you are thinking about buying a Keeshond puppy, you need to know that they will not thrive in an outdoor environment, as they will indoors. They have needs and one of these is to be with their people. They are not good outside dogs. Their breeding is more suited for indoor living only. If you try to keep the dog outside, you may encounter barking and other bad behavior as they try to convince you to bring them in the house. Therefore, before buying a Keeshond, you should consider if you can live with an inside dog that will shed their coats twice a year.

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Living In A House With A Keeshond
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