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English Toy Spaniels

Aliases: King Charles Spaniel, Charlies, ET's

English Toy Spaniel For Sale

The Personal Habits of the English Toy Spaniel

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Tags: English Toy Spaniel, Snoring, Health

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New York, NY


The English Toy Spaniel, also known as the Charlie, has many diverse personal habits. Some of these habits could be endearing and some of them could be annoying to the owner.


The Charlie has a habit of burrowing into things. It is said that a blood stained Charlie was found in the folds of the dress of Mary Queen of Scots when she was executed. This was a very devoted little dog to his mistress! Burrowing is a very strong instinct that the Charlie possesses, especially when they decide they want to come to bed with you. All obstacles you may place in their path will not serve as a deterrent!


The Charlie cannot be forced to do anything it doesn't want to! It must be coaxed and led gently. They will refuse to move at times. Some people believe that they were goats in a former life! Indeed, there is a striking similarity between this dog and a goat when you try to lead it where it has no intention of going! It will dig in its heels and refuse to budge. This is where you must lead and coax, lead and coax them along. This may or may not work!

Long Memories

If anything happens to a Charlie, he will not forget about it anytime soon! This could be a simple slip or slide on a floor. It could be a dog coming at them from under a chair or ringside at a show. It could be a heavy handed judge at the show. It will remember visiting the vet, so it had better have been a good experience! They will remember everything and often be reluctant. They need to be handled very carefully!

The Charlie will also remember that certain actions or sounds mean certain things. It may hear the jingle of your car keys and run to the door, ready to go for a ride. While they may have been a goat in a former life, they also possess the memory of an elephant!

Sensitive Feet

The Charlie hates with a passion to have the fur between the pads of his feet cut. He hates to have his nails trimmed. It is a very good idea to have two people to do these jobs. It will take one person to trim and cut and another person to physically hold the dog in their arms.


The Charlie will often snore when it is sleeping. It will also wheeze at times. It will also make the occasional snorting sound. This is believed to be due to its flattened face and it cannot help it. Don't hold it against him too much!

The Charlie is often cat-like in its ways. They are very independent, but yet very much a part of the home. They are mischievous at times or give off angelic airs. They believe themselves to be regal and royal and expect to be treated in such manner. If you are devoted to your Charlie, he will reward you for being his loyal subject with love and devotion and at times will perform by playing to you, his audience. He will truly entertain you for years to come.

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The Personal Habits of the English Toy Spaniel
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