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The Italian Greyhound as a Show Dog

The Italian Greyhound is a very active and talented dog that performs with excellence in the show ring. The different events the Italian Greyhound competes in is conformation, obedience, agility, lurecoursing and racing. Conformation is one of the first show events the Italian Greyhound competes in. Conformation involves how the dog looks in comparison to how the breed standards feel she should look. They have to stay with in the colors that are customary for the Italian Greyhound and their bodies need to be proportioned exactly as the standard. They also compete in obedience. Although obedience is an event in itself, it works alongside of the conformance because the dog has to behave well for the judge or he will be disqualified. [...]

Investing Attention in the Laekenois

In their early history, the Laekenois was used for guarding property and herding sheep and cattle. As they were depended on to do a job without much instruction, dogs developed for this intention are known to have a bit of an independent streak in their temperament. At times this can make the Laekenois seem aloof or rather standoffish. Nonetheless, they greatly depend on regular contact with owners to stay healthy. The breed is steadfastly loyal and their human family is considered their pack. Many who own the breed report it is not uncommon for the dog to attach to one particular individual in the family. [...]

Introduction To Agility Training

Agility training is a wonderful opportunity for dogs and owners to learn how to work together, get lots of exercise, and become more in synch with each other. Dogs that compete in agility events must be intelligent, athletic as well as very attentive to the handler. They must be able to block out distractions such as crowd noise, other dogs and even movement and activity on the sidelines. Agility training involves teaching a dog to go through a set of obstacles in a specific sequence within a set time frame. Agility competitions were first exhibited at the Cruft's International Dog Show in Birmingham, England in 1979 and continues to be one of the most popular events from a spectator and competitor point of view. [...]

Competitions For Dogs With High Energy

If you have a high energy breed of dog you may find out that keeping him or her busy and occupied is a full time job on its own. This is often because part of the issue with what is typically called a high energy dog is that they are very curious and naturally inquisitive and alert to their surroundings. This constantly on the move type behavior is not as much about physical energy as it is about mental energy and alertness. [...]

Working With The Intelligent Dog

It is true that most dog owners believe that their dog is naturally very smart and gifted and that certainly may be very accurate, at least from the individual owners perception. If, however, you happen to own a breed that is considered a highly intelligent dog, you may find out that your dog may be challenging in many different ways. Often owners of the most intelligent dogs find that these pooches find very unique ways to keep themselves entertained, plus they often require both mental as well as physical exercise and stimulation to stay out of trouble. [...]

Competitions For Working Dogs

Within each specific type of working dog group, be it the hunting dogs, herding dogs or true working group, there are different and specialized competitions. Generally within the true working group the most common competitions are agility and obedience events, however there is also the very specialized schutzhund training that is considered to be the Olympics for dogs of this particular group. [...]

Training The Border Collie

As one of the smartest dogs, training a Border Collie is often very simple initially, but then difficulties start to set in. Usually these difficulties or challenges occur because the human member of the dog-person in the training program starts to deviate from the original commands. When this happens the highly intelligent Border Collie starts to think that perhaps this is a new command, and attempts to figure out what you want him or her to do. The owner, who may not understand that he or she is the cause of the problem, quickly become frustrated with a dog they see as being stubborn or willful. [...]

Competitions for Australian Cattle Dogs

With any herding breed and most of the working dogs it is important for them to feel that they have a purpose in life and something to do. Unfortunately many owners of Australian Cattle Dogs find out the hard way what a bored Australian Cattle Dog is capable of. These dogs will use their natural intelligence and athletic abilities in very weird and destructive ways, barking, digging, climbing and literally destroying whatever seems to take their fancy. [...]

Raising German Shepherd Puppies

German Shepherd puppies are really very small considering that when fully mature these dogs will weigh up to 85 pounds or more and will measure up to 26 inches at the shoulder. When first born a German Shepherd will typically weigh approximately one pound, and will also look very different than he or she will in just a few short months. [...]

Training The Boxer

While Boxers are known for their happy go lucky, playful and very energetic behavior they are also known to be rather independent, headstrong and very intense both in training and in exercise requirements. They are a dominant type of dog by nature, and will require an owner that can be positive, firm and consistent or else this very intelligent dog will soon be running the household and will see his or herself as the leader. This can happen very easily as the Boxer actually learns which people he or she has to listen too and which people can be ignored within the family. In addition their energy levels can sometimes make training a challenge, especially if the Boxer is confined during the day to a kennel or inside of the house. [...]

Showing And Competing With A Weimaraner

The natural athletic ability, high energy level and the Weimaraners drive to always please the owner has made this breed and outstanding competition dog. Originally the Weimaraner was bred and developed specifically as a larger game hunting dog, scenting, tracking and holding in position large animals such as deer, wild boar, bear and other types of wild game in the wilderness areas in Germany. Owned only by royalty and the wealthy, Weimaraner were much sought after and protected by the German Weimaraner Club, which only permitted members to own the breed or sell puppies to other club members. With this restricted type of ownership commitment, the Weimaraner was not well known outside of the country until the early 1900s. [...]

Socializing And Training Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is often considered to be an ideal choice for a first time dog owner that wants a larger sized, very friendly and very intelligent dog. This is not to say that a Golden Retriever will be a good match for every family since they are a high maintenance breed when it comes to grooming and somewhat to exercise. However, they don't have the dominant temperament associated with many of the larger dogs that can make training and socialization a challenge for first time dog owners. [...]

Competitions With Basenjis

The Basenji, while primarily a sight hound, also can be trained to more continually rely on its scenting ability. Few Basenjis if any will become as proficient at using their nose as a scent hound, but they are still often used in traditional sight hound types of events and competitions. [...]

Competitions With A Dachshund

Although a hunting dog by breeding and development, the Dachshund is very versatile and can compete in many different types of events and activities. Their nature curiosity, high level of self-confidence and ability to learn quickly makes them terrific dogs for different activities including modified agility, obedience and of course different types of hunting and tracking events. [...]

Competitions with American Hounds

The breeds of hounds bred and developed in America are directly descended from British and French hound breeds with the exception of the Plott Hound. The Plott Hound was developed from the German Hanoverian Hound, with a possible small amount of Weimaraner blood in one or more of the original five imported dogs. The American Hounds are all classed as coonhounds and although some of these hounds are used for hunting larger game, they are all associated with coon hunting, particularly in the southern and eastern parts of the United States. [...]

Found [77] Articles :: Page 5 of 6
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