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Dangerous Bulbs and Garden Plants

In the spring there is often a great interest in setting up and planting beautiful flower gardens that are going to provide the family with lovely floral arrangements and outdoor attractions throughout the growing season. In addition flowers in the yard, garden and patio add to the wildlife in your outdoor space as butterflies, colorful insects and even hummingbirds are all likely to drop by for a visit. [...]

Mosquitoes, Fleas and Biting Insects

Dogs are much more fortunate that humans when it comes to natural defenses against mosquitoes and other types of biting insects. Their coat, even if it is only short, acts as a natural barrier between the insect and the dog's skin. Dogs with very thick, heavy double coats are largely very protected from mosquitoes and biting insects, however the areas that are exposed such as the lower abdomen, the nose and even the eyes and lips can all be stung and bit, resulting in severe reactions in some dogs. [...]

Spaniel Health Concerns

With the exception of the American Cocker Spaniel, most of the spaniel breeds have been able to avoid the huge surge in popularity that often leads to health and genetic issues within a particular breed or line. Unfortunately for the American Cocker Spaniel they have been a very popular breed, leading to a significant number of puppies produced every year by backyard breeders and puppy mills that are only into breeding for a profit, not for the enhancement or overall health of the puppies that they produce. This massive number of poorly bred American Cockers has caused some increased health issues within the breed, so choosing a puppy from a reputable breeder is essential. [...]

Health Concerns With The Basenji

As with most of the hound group, the Basenji tends to be a very healthy breed of dog provided they are giving regular exercise, routine vet visits and fed a high quality food that meets all nutritional requirements. Breeders of this very unique type of dog have worked to prevent any genetic conditions from becoming highly problematic, but as with any breed there are a few issues that potential owners need to be aware of. [...]

Seeking The Help of Dog Nutritionists

There are several different types of animal nutritionists, many who specialize in agricultural animals or exotic species, but the most common type of animal nutritionists is one that works in developing commercial types of pet foods. These specialized experts in dog nutrition are hired by private dog food manufacturers, research groups, agricultural feed companies and of course by private owners that are concerned about their dog's specific nutritional requirements. [...]

Winter Respiratory Problems - Not Just In Humans

Like humans, dogs can develop a variety of different types of respiratory problems, many which become more pronounced over the winter months. This can be attributed to a variety of factors but often includes increased dust in the air and dryer air in the house, both factors caused by forced air and electric heating systems. In addition simply spending more time in the house rather than outside can cause dogs with airborne allergies to have more health issues, especially if the allergy is to something that is within the home. [...]

Found [36] Articles :: Page 3 of 3
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