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Dogs For Apartments And Small Spaces

Unfortunately, many people in large cities or even smaller towns simply don't have a yard attached to their condo, town house or apartment. Since many of the breeds of dogs (both small and large) do require a yard for regular exercise, it is nice to also know that there are many breeds that are wonderfully adaptable to apartment and indoor living. One of the most amazing factors is that often these apartment and small space dogs are not just the toy and miniature breeds. Many of the small, medium and even large breeds do very well living in an apartment - provided they have regular exercise, and an opportunity to run and play in open areas on a daily basis. One of the most important factors in a well-behaved and healthy dog is the amount of exercise that he or she will need. All dogs require some daily exercise to aid in digestion, blood circulation, muscle development and weight management and control. Dogs that do not get the right amount of exercise are more prone to heart problems, respiratory problems, obesity and related health conditions as well as joint and muscle problems. Regular exercise, in some form, is important for every breed of dog. The variance in types of exercise is what makes some breeds more suitable for living in small living spaces or apartments than others. [...]

Curbing Barking Behavior in Yorkshire Terriers

Every Yorkie owner knows that they're pet will bark occasionally such as someone coming to the door or at an unusual noise. This is to be expected but when your dog starts excessive barking, that is another story. Whether it is a tiny Yorkshire terrier or a huge Great Dane, excessive barking is annoying and disruptive. [...]

Baying and Barking - How to Manage These Behaviors

Cousin to the English foxhound, American foxhounds are scent hounds that have a very melodious bark and like to bay. Originally used as hunting dogs, they have great stamina but tend to bark a lot while hunting, which is a characteristic bred in them. Although they are not normally what is called a nuisance barker, because of the American foxhounds deep, loud voice, it carries great distances. [...]

The Voice of the Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie will communicate with you through its voice. They begin doing this as puppies. Understanding the different sounds of this vocalization will promote a harmony and bond between you and your dog. [...]

The Unique Benefits of the Basenji Breed and Who Should Own One

There are many who would like to have a dog but are turned off by their dependence or the thought of pet odors and allergies. While there are a number of breeds that can offer less in the way of neediness or smells, the Basenji is a breed that offers these and a number of other benefits all in one package. This is because their bloodline is more African wild dog than anything else. Those who have never been able to call themselves dog people often appreciate the Basenji's independent mindset and lack of doglike odor. [...]

Weird Facts About Did You Know: The Basenji

Its beginnings in the wilds of Africa 40 centuries ago have allowed the Basenji to become one of the most unique breeds of dog around. The most commonly noted fact about the Basenji is that it is the only breed of dog that does not bark. Often referred to as the barkless dog, the breed offers a noise that is likened to more of a yodel than anything else. This is due to a larynx that is shaped differently than any other dog breed. They are also known to chortle, growl and even shriek from time to time. Many owners note that their Basenji may give a mournful howl when missing a mate or feeling lonely. It is not uncommon for the Basenji to dislike going out at night, a safety practice ingrained from its days in the wilds of central Africa. [...]

Quieting the Barking Collie

Collies are one of the best breeds of dog for family pets. But, they do require training, including training on when it is and isn't appropriate to bark. Collies are barking dogs by nature, as this is part of their herding instinct, and if not trained appropriately, they can be prone to excessive barking. But, there are ways to teach your collie to bark only when it's appropriate, especially if you begin training early on. [...]

Challenges Of Owning And Training A Basset Hound

All dogs have their desirable aspects and their less desirable aspects. Basset hounds can make wonderful pets but can present many challenges too. Some of their less appealing characteristics have to do with stubbornness, noise, shedding, gassiness, and chronic health problems. Let's take a look at some of these challenges a little more closely. [...]

How To Minimize Toy Poodle Barking Issues

Dogs bark. This is a fact of life for dog owners. Sometimes, however, this barking can become excessive and disruptive. Toy poodles can exhibit this behavior and make a lot of noise for their small size. In this article, we will look at how to minimize your toy poodle's barking through games, commands, and disinterest. [h]Play With Me[/h] One way to stop barking is to engage your toy poodle in another activity. Humans get restless when tense and bored and so do dogs. Providing activities can help to decrease barking and give your pet stimulation and a chance to get some exercise. [...]

Brussels Griffon: Weird Facts/ Did You Know?

The tiny toy breed Brussels Griffon is known for his human expressions. Often he is seen looking inquisitive, with his head cocked to one side. This is in fact exactly what the look means to communicate: the dog is curious about something. Because of his expressiveness, the Brussels Griffon is a well known and widely used dog in the world of art and cinema. Though not as popular as an actual pet, the Brussels Griffon can easily be recognized by his most famous movie role: the dog in the movie As Good As It Gets. [...]

Your Keeshond May Talk and Bark For Various Reasons

Generally, a Keeshond is a quiet dog, but there are reasons why they "talk" and bark. If you understand why they are doing this, it will be less annoying than if you have no idea why they are doing this. The Keeshond is not noted as a constant barker, but if they seem to be barking at things that they do not need to, you can teach them to quiet instead of letting them bark at everything. They will bark at strangers that come into the house until you say it is okay for that person to be there. [...]

Controlling Excessive Shih Tzu Barking and Fear Biting

If there is one thing that drives shih tzu owners crazy everywhere it's excessive barking. When something sets them off, these little dogs can really get themselves worked up into a lather. If you're not there to stop it, the noise could go on for half an hour. Gentle training of your dog, when kept up, should yield good results. While its worthwhile to have your shih tzu alert, to warn you when something is out of the ordinary, until they learn what ordinary is from you, there'll be confusion on the matter and a lot of noise. When it's something you don't want them to bark at, very calmly tell them no. When it is ideal praise them for letting you know, and tell them not to bark any more, now that you know what's going on. [...]

Convincing Your Dachshund Not to Dig or Bark

If it sounds like a tall order, that's because it is. Dachshunds were bred to go to earth, dig into a den and bark. That's their job. Convincing them that there are other jobs that their time would be far better spent at is the problem. [...]

The Redbone Coonhound Bark

As mentioned previously, coonhounds are scent hounds, dogs that help humans hunt by using their amazing sense of smell; the scent hound's sense of smell is superior to most other types of canines. They work very differently than sight hounds, which run down their prey using their vision and speed. Coonhounds are special types of hounds; they were purposely bred to handle game in the United States, specifically in the southern US. Dogs were needed that could track animals that took to the trees, as raccoons, bears and mountain lions often did and do. Scent hounds might have a sense of smell superior to that of other dogs, but coonhounds have a sense of smell superior to traditional scent hounds. It's that superior sense of smell that makes coonhounds such efficient hunters; they also have quite a sense of intelligence and independence, so much so that their handlers release them to track prey on their own. [...]

The Lowchen and Their Bad Habits

The Lowchen is a small breed of dog that is relatively easy to handle and take care of. They are loyal, affectionate and love getting attention from the family. Whereas many dogs have a lot of bad habits, the Lowchen has very few and those they do have can be lessened if not eliminated with good trainings and lots of patience. [...]

Found [33] Articles :: Page 1 of 3
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